James Hamilton



James focuses on infrastructure efficiency, reliability, and scaling at Amazon.com.



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James Hamilton


James is Senior Vice President and Distinguished Engineer at Amazon serving on S-team, the cross-company leadership team. He joined Amazon in January 2009 first on AWS, where he focused on infrastructure efficiency, reliability, and service scaling. He now holds a similar role across Amazon.

Previously James was at Microsoft for 12 years where he served as Microsoft Exchange Hosted Services leader, GM of the SQL Server WebData team, and held many other positions on Microsoft SQL Server. Prior to that, he was at IBM for 11 years where he led the IBM C++ Compiler team and was Lead Architect for IBM DB2. Before joining IBM he worked as a professional auto mechanic servicing Italian cars and exotics such as Maserati, Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Alfa Romeo.

He has a Master of Mathematics (Computer Science) from the University of Waterloo and a Bachelor of Science (Computer Science) with honours from the University of Victoria. James holds over 200 patents in more than 20 countries in server and datacenter infrastructure, database, and cloud computing technologies.

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