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Dirona crossed the Arctic Circle just north of Træna on an open-ocean run to the famed Lofoten group of islands. Conditions were calm enough to anchor and launch the tender for a picnic lunch at the lighthouse on Skomvær, the southernmost island in the chain. As we continued north to anchor for the night in the Røst group of islands, we got a taste for the dramatic scenery that makes the Lofotens one of the prime cruising grounds in Norway.

Below are trip highlights from May 22, 2018 in the southern Lofoten islands, Norway. Click any image for a larger view, or click the position to view the location on a map. And a live map of our current route and most recent log entries always is available at mvdirona.com/maps

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Arctic Circle

We’ve just crossed the Arctic Circle, the yellow line on our chart, at latitude 66°33’47.2N. We’ll remain north of this point for almost two months until we return back south to Trondheim in July.
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For the first time since we’ve arrived in Norway we’re out of cellular connectivity for more than a few minutes because we are far offshore. But away from the steep fjords with an unimpeded view to the satellites, our KVH V7hts mini-VSAT is working well.
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AIS Targets

Also for the first time since arriving in Norway, we have no AIS targets visible. We’ve always seen something so far.
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Nearing Røst

The distinctive peaks of the Røst group of islands, and the lighthouse on Skomvær at left, visible in the distance.
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A temporary anchorage off Skomvær at the southern tip the Lofoten Islands, to run the tender in for lunch at the lighthouse. Even in today’s relatively settled weather a substantial swell is running through the anchorage. We’re glad conditions are calm enough to be able to launch the tender. We wanted to stop at the first island in the chain as we did at Berneray Island at the southern tip of the Outer Hebrides in Scotland.
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The tender moored with bow line to shore and the stern held in place with an Anchor Buddy to keep the swell from tossing it against the shore.
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Dirona at anchor off the south side of Skomvær. The anchorage is as exposed as it looks.
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Skomvær Lighthouse

The Skomvær Lighthouse was built in 1887, automated in 1978 and closed in 1988.
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Lunch at the base of Skomvær Lighthouse with a view north to the unusual peaks of the Røst islands.
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Triple-peaked Trenyken just north of Skomvær in the Røst group of islands
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Fish statue at the entrance to Røst Harbour.
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Rost Harbour

Old commercial buildings along the Røst Harbour packed with nesting Kittiwakes.
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Cod Drying

We were impressed at the size of this cod drying rack. But it turned out to be quite small compared to others we saw later.
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More Cod Drying

Dried cod is a major export from Røst. Racks and racks are everywhere in the village and outskirts.
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Tender Moored

The tender moored at Røst for a walk ashore.
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Rough Conditions

Several outdoor photographs were mounted on a fence at Røst, including this dramatic shot of a fish boat working in very rough conditions.
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A great-looking seabird off Røst.
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Steinar Greger

Jonh Greger AS is a third-generation family run business on Røst specializing in stockfish export. Steinar Greger and his two brothers run the business, which also includes the restaurant and bar Skomværkroa. We stopped in for a beer and had a great time with Steinar and one of his brothers learning about the history of Røst and its stockfish.
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Skrie Crisp

At Skomværkroa we sampled some Skrie Crisp, fish skins fried in olive oil and seasoned with salt and pepper. They were delicious and we bought two packages to bring back to the boat.
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Nesting Kittiwakes in the wall behind Skomværkroa.
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Someone mentioned the whaler moored along the wall and we both assumed they were referring to the Boston Whaler brand of boats. Nope—that’s a harpoon on the bow.
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At Anchor

Dirona anchored at Røst with the 560-ft (140m) peak of Stavøya in the background.

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  1. filo says:

    congrats – looks awesome

    • Norway continues to be incredible. Yesterday we climbed up 4,800′ above a massive glacier for 360 degree views for miles around with the Glacier and our boat way down below.

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