Brunswick, Georgia

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We got another chance to see a Metal Shark boat in action during a routine Coast Guard inspection on the way to Brunswick, Georgia. We were trying to reach Brunswick Landing Marina to fuel before they closed for the day, so would have preferred not to have been boarded, but the Coast Guard officers were polite, competent and efficient, and completed their inspection in less than 20 minutes. We made it to Brunswick Landing Marina in time to take on a load of diesel at their usual excellent pricing, then spent a week relaxing week there. We attended the marina’s nightly get-togethers and enjoyed some good meals in town.

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Calibogue Sound
We got underway at 4am this morning to make the 88-nm run to Brunswick and arrive in time to fuel before 5pm. We have to cross a couple of shallower areas (less than 15ft at zero tide) in the darkness, so it’s good to be near high tide. Unfortunately the tide still is incoming and we’re fighting a 2-knot negative current as we exit Caliboque Sound. At 2,300 RPM we should be making 9 knots and we’re only hitting 7.
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Jessica Marie
Fishing vessel Jessica Marie lit up at at 5:30am as we clear the shallows and approach Tybee Roads. With a 6.5ft tide, we didn’t see anything less than 19ft.
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Tybee Roads
Tybee Roads, the entrance to Savannah, is among the busiest port entries we’ve ever encountered. Radio traffic has been constant since our 4am departure as ships negotiate passing arrangements in the narrow channel. Four vessels are in the immediate vicinity as we arrived at 5:30am and the CPA bar (Closest Point of Approach bar) of a fifth is visible at the bottom of the screen shot (all five are circled in red). The Ever Laden is a large container ship that we could see running the channel as we neared and that fifth vessel is another large ship that we passed partway through the channel.
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The passenger vessel Olivia passing in front of the rising sun.
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We’ve got wonderfully calm conditions forecast for the entire 88nm run to Brunswick.
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We entered on the south side of the channel to give the fishing vessel Lady Susie II room, then switched over to the north side to pass the dredger Stuyvesant.
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Lady Susie II
The fishing vessel Ladie Susie II with poles out in the entrance to St. Simons Sound.
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The dredger Stuyvesant working the south side of the entrance to St. Simons Sound. Shallows are close by on either side of the entry, so they must need to dredge all the time to keep the way navigable.
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F J Torras Causeway
The F J Torras Causeway (Back River) Bridge visible from a distance. We’ll be passing under it to reach Brunswick Landing Marina.
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Metal Shark
The Brunswick Coast Guard in a great-looking Metal Shark Response Boat — Small. Unfortunately, they’re coming for us, so we’re going to get a much closer look.
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Two Brunswick Coast Guard officers came aboard for a safety inspection. They were polite, competent and efficient and were on and off in less than 20 minutes. Spitfire, however, was not impressed.

We did slow down, but didn’t have to even stop the boat and continued underway during the inspection. In the video of the boarding at you can the coxswain expertly maneuvering the two moving boats close together to allow the officers to board through our side gate without touching Dirona. (The aft camera is setup to mimic a rear-view mirror, so the Coast Guard boat appears to be on our port side, but actually is to starboard.)

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Getting Closer
The Brunswick Landing Marina is not far beyond the F J Torras Causeway Bridge. We’re almost there.
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Coast Guard
Another Brunswick Coast Guard boat, this one a buoy tender.
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An old lifeboat tethered along the East River.
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Brunswick Landing
Our first view to Brunswick Landing Marina.
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Taking on 1,430 gallons of diesel at Brunswick Landing in our first fueling of the year. It seems amazing that we haven’t fueled since four mouths ago at Southwest Harbor in Maine,
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Tipsy McSways
Tipsy McSways was packed when we arrived for dinner, but we were lucky and a corner window table just opened up. The restaurant has adopted a cat that sat on the table outside our window much of the evening.
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Arte Pizza
An excellent wood-fired pizza lunch at Arte Pizza in downtown Brunswick.
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We’re not the only Nordhavn at Brunswick Landing Marina. This is Nordhavn 55 Chinatsu.
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The third Nordhavn at Brunswick Landing Marina is the famous Nordhavn 46 Egret. Scott and Mary Flanders circumnavigated in this boat and documented their experiences in widely-read Voyage of Egret. We just missed meeting the new owners by a week.
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Courtesy Bike
The Brunswick Landing Marina has several free services, including a number of courtesy bicycles.
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Winn Dixie
A grocery shop via Uber to Winn Dixie. We not sure if we’ve ever been to a Winn Dixie, but we certainly recognize the name of Mark Martin’s sponsor when he dominated the NASCAR Nationwide Series in the 1990s.
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Brunswick Yacht Club
Moorage at the marina includes membership in the Brunswick Yacht Club. There’s a get-together every night where the marina offers free beer, and three times a week they hold a more formal version with beer and wine that’s well-attended and a great time.
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Basil Thai and Sushi
An excellent meal and evening at Basil Thai and Sushi after a walk around town.
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Sunset from the cockpit.
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2 comments on “Brunswick, Georgia
  1. Excellent pictures guys! We loved having you both. Come back and see us soon?

    • Hi Michael! It was Brian Lewis of Egret that recommended we drop by Brunswick Marina to take on some fuel at a good price and enjoy the hospitality. We picked up a 1,4300 gallons of diesel and really enjoyed your nightly happy hour at the Marina club house. We have been in Marinas all over the world and yours has to be the most welcoming. We had a great stay at Brunswick Landing Marina and look forward to returning.

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