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We enjoyed the anchorage below Hovlandsnuten so much that we spent a third night there. After climbing Hovlandsnuten and Melderskin, we gave our hiking boots and legs a break on that final day and toured Husnesfjorden by tender.

After passing through the scenic waterway Laukhammarsundet south of our anchorage, we crossed to the east side of Husnesfjorden for a closer look at the massive Hydro Husnes aluminum smelter that we viewed from 3,300ft (1005m) Mjelkhaug a week earlier. Then we continued south through the beautiful waterway Storsunde towards Rosendal, with views to Melderskin. And back on the west side of Husnesfjorden, we passed the Palfinger plant where we saw the lifeboats for the under-construction cruise ship Celebrity Beyond.

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Missing Oil Leak
An engine seldom “just get better”—close to never—but our generator was leaking vast amounts of oil from the rear main oil seal prior to the cylinder head replacement. And then a strange thing happened. After replacing cylinder head, the rear main oil seal leak went from intolerable to moderate. We were relieved and decided to defer the job until we had more time this winter. And then, about 150 hours back, it stopped leaking entirely!

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We’re about 30 miles south of Bergen and are seeing lots of large power boats in the area. This baby produced a wake that puts some ocean storms to shame :).
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Onar Hamn
Out on a tender tour of the Husnesfjorden we passed the large guest harbour of Onar Hamn just south of our anchorage.
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A common construction technique in Norway is to blast a wall away to open up space and then use the resulting rock to create additional land.
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Scenic 702-ft (214m) Laukhammarsato above the waterway Laukhammarsundet.
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Navigation mark hung off the wall along in Laukhammarsundet.
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Power Lines
Thousands of miles of high-tension power lines cross over and under Norwegian waters.
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Hagarnsnes Light
Light on the point Hagarnsnes. In the background is 3,300ft (1005m) Mjelkhaug that we climbed a week ago.
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Hydro Husnes
The massive Hydro Husnes aluminum smelter that we viewed from 3,300ft (1005m) Mjelkhaug a week ago. Hydro Husnes is the third-largest aluminum producer in the country by annual production.
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Extrusion Ingots
Stacks of extrusion ingots at Hydro Husnes, likely sized for sea shipment in containers. Extrusion is the process of forcing aluminum through a shaped opening in a die to form a specific shape. The ingots are then used in various markets such as manufacturing and consumer products.
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Dozens of these containers were on the grounds outside Hydro Husnes. The outsides were heavily reinforced, with an inner liner full of square-shaped holes. We’re not sure what these are used for.
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Stacks of T-ingots at Hydro Husnes, used by customers who will re-melt the aluminum to make their own products.
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Made in Russia
The T-ingots were made in Russia, so likely Hydro Husnes has purchased them to re-melt and create other end-products.
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View to Melderskin that we climbed yesterday from the scenic passage Storsunde leading towards Rosendal.
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Hagland Carrier
The Hagland Carrier off Uskedal with a load of logs.
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Small Boat Passage
Passing through a narrow and shallow small boat passage between the islands of Skorpo and Eidsvikoy.
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Lifeboats for the cruise ship Celebrity Beyond at the Palfinger manufacturing plant in Olve on the island of Tysnes. The ship is currently under construction and is scheduled for launch in the fall of 2021. A sister-ship, the Celebrity Apex, was scheduled to start operations in April of 2020, but was delayed due to the pandemic.
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Looking north to Dirona moored at the beautiful anchorage at the island of Sandsoya off Tysnes.
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Sunset over Hovlandsnuten from the anchorage at Sandsoya.
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2 comments on “Husnesfjorden
  1. Joakim says:

    Hi ?

    I saw you passing by our house at Duesundøy (where the cable ferry MF Fjon) goes acros. I found you om marinetrafic and googeld Dirona and i found your homepage.

    My name is Joakim Im 31 years, working on a oil rig at the time in northsea. I live here at Duesundøy (White house at the top) with my fiance our 2 childs , 8 and 3 year.

    Wish you a great voyage where you are going, i Will follow your homepage, we Dream to go around one day and see the world by boat.

    I recomend “Skjerjehamn” (look it up) if you head North from Fensfjord pass throug Ånnelandsund. Its possible to moore/dock and also some nice stuff/art to watch.

    Best regards

    • Hello from Dirona! Your plans sounds excellent and you have also chosen a great place to live. We’re currently anchored at the head of the Fjord and it’s an incredibly beautiful area. The rain should stop tomorrow and we’ll get a chance to see the area more clearly.

      Thanks for the travel recommendations and for saying hi.

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