Norwegian Oil Museum

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We spent most of our final day in Stavanger at the exceptional Norwegian Oil Museum in Stavanger. The museum details the history and technology behind Norway’s growth as an oil nation through models, interactive displays and actual industry equipment.

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These panels describe significant events in Norway’s growth as an oil nation, from 1969 discover to present.
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Heavy Weather

We loved this picture of an oil rig in heavy weather.
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We’d arrived shortly after the Norwegian Oil Museum opened at 10am and expected to be there until it closed at 4pm, so stopped for a lunch break at the excellent restaurant Bolgen & Moi in the museum complex. We’d really enjoyed the couple of hours we’d spent so far, including viewing their two movies—the museum deserves its great reputation.
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Drill Bits

Drill bits on display at the Norwegian Oil Museum.
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The Norwegian Oil Museum has some beautiful scale models, some built as part of the design process before computerized CAD/CAM systems were available.
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Goliat FPSO

Scale model of Goliat FPSO, a massive floating production storage and offloading platform deployed in the Barents Sea north of Hammerfest.
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Check Mate

The Check Mate submersible could descend to 2,066ft (325m) and made about 400 dives between 1981 and 1986.
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Drill Cabin

Drill control cabin from Norway’s first oil field, Ekofisk, at the Norwegian Oil Museum.
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Valberg Tower

The fire tower Valberg, perched on a hill above Stavanger, was built in 1853 and served as the city’s watchtower until 1922.
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We could just see Dirona moored in Stavanger harbour from the hilltop beside Valberg Tower.
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Street Art

More Stavanger street art on Valbergjet.
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Bomb Shelter

Huge doors at the opening to an old Stavanger bomb shelter, now an underground parking lot.
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The Cardinal

We stopped in for a pint chosen from the Cardinal’s 600-beer selection.
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Great views from the park Solhaugen west of the harbour.
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Stavanger Konserthus

The striking waterside Stavanger Konserthus.
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Houston, Texas and Stavanger have been sister cities since 1980. Before oil prices fell in the past few years, there was enough traffic between the two oil giants that several airlines ran direct flights.
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Late last night at around 1:30am we heard someone on the boat, but they were gone when James went up to check. All that was left is a footprint.
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Fender Failing

Our 46-month old set of Prostock marine fenders had two fail a year ago in Dublin and it looks like another one is on it’s way out. The winds at Stavanger Havn were only 30kts when a storm passed through, but the boat was moving a lot with 1.2° of pitch and 4.8° of roll.

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