Another Nordhavn 52 is born

Earlier this week, Nordhavn 5267 arrive into Brisbane from Xiamen, China on board the freighter AAL Hong Kong. Owners Natalie and Oz Bestel watched from the chase boat and shared these pictures of the delivery.

The offloading reminded us of Dirona‘s delivery back in 2009, except of course the temperature was in the 70s in Brisbane, instead of 28F in Seattle, and Don Kolhman didn’t need to dive into 45F water in his skivvies to free a snagged sling.

Below, 5267 is underway for the first time in Australian waters. The 52 model is selling well right now, and after having put over 4,400 ours on ours, we think it should. Dirona is the perfect size for travelling the world, and matches our goal well of being the smallest boat we could comfortably do that in.

Docking at Rivergate Marina, where we recently cleared customs. The boat sure looks beautiful, and appears remarkably clean after that long ocean voyage.

Here’s a short video of the unloading. Another Nordhavn 52 is born!

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3 comments on “Another Nordhavn 52 is born
  1. rod sumner says:

    walkabout? Seattle?

  2. We plan to enjoy Brisbane for multiple weeks, we’ll be doing some non-boat travelling, but we absolutely will be heading north to enjoy the Whitsundays and the Great Barrier Reef area. This has been a dream of ours for longer than we have been boating so we absolutey will do it while here and, more than likely, spend 2 or 3 months at it.

  3. marco says:

    Hi, hopefully that will me one day unloading my Nordhavn in Brisbane. We went for a walk yesterday along the Kangaroo Pt boardwalk yesterday and saw Dirona tied up along side Gray Matter and my wife thought both boats looked good! Hope you enjoy beautiful Brissy whilst you are here. How long are you planning stay to say in Brisbane? Are you planning to up north this winter to take advantage of the good weather?

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