A night at the races

For us, a night at the races once meant watching the stock cars at Sunset Speedway north of Toronto, or Evergreen Speedway north of Seattle. Now it means taking in the Hawaii Yacht Club’s Friday night sailboat race. The race starts and finishes in Ala Wai basin where we are moored, and we usually watch from the boat deck. The starts can be pretty exciting as the boats jockey for position, often coming within feet of us and sometimes as close as inches. After watching a recent start one windy evening, we ran the dinghy outside the basin to watch the field race back inside to the finish. Below are some shots of the action.




Heartbeat (yellow hull below and above) and Cazan often race to the wire. Below, Cazan edged out Heartbeat for the win.



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6 comments on “A night at the races
  1. Thanks Yair! We just arrived at Palmyra yesterday and its incredible. It’s hard to believe we are only 6 degrees north of the equator.


  2. Yair says:

    Best wishes on your trip to P.

  3. Thanks for comment Jacques. It does sound like you have some similar aspects of your boating history. I hope our paths do cross some day and, if they day, be sure to drop by and say hi!


  4. Good hearing from you Kent. It was a wonderful time of night and the light was nice. Unfortunately I only had a Nexus 4 and it was gently raining. It was fun watching the race from the middle of the action.

    for those of you that haven’t seen Kent’s pictures, you should check them out at: http://www.kentnishimura.com. Awesome!


  5. Jacques V. says:

    I have been following your "adventures", including the passage to and from Alaska.
    Congratulations on the way you report on your travels (i.e. the plotting chart with the exact location for the occasional pictures and the right mix of techno/nav/sightseeing)
    Maybe one day, our wakes will cross and we’ll exchange stories…
    Started also on a Bayliner in the SFO Bay area (so your report fom there looked *very* familiar!) but I know now it’s time to move up a notch or two!
    A special "pat-pat" to Spitfire!
    Happy waves!

  6. Kent says:


    beautiful light! wow!

    Cheers // Kent

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