Heading to Alaska

The fridge and freezer are filled, and the dry goods and spares are stowed. Tonight we set off for Alaska.


Most summers we spend a bit of time between the northern tip of Vancouver island and the Alaska border. This year is a little different for two reasons. First, we’re heading further north than in the past and will spend some time in Glacier Bay National Park & Preserve. The second thing that makes this trip a bit different is, weather permitting, we’ll be making the nearly thousand-mile one-way trip as an offshore crossing. It’ll take roughly 5 days to cover the distance running 24×7 off the coast of British Columbia and Alaska.

You might ask why we would want to make the trip running 24×7 offshore when the shoreline of BC is one of the most beautiful in the world. It truly is wonderful and we do love the area. We’ve even written a book about it (Cruising the Secret Coast). We’re skipping the coast and heading directly to Alaska as a way to enjoy Alaska by boat when we really can’t get enough time off work to do the trip at a more conventional, relaxed pace. The other reason to run directly there is it’s a chance to try running 24×7 and see how it goes. Think of it as an ocean crossing with training wheels. If it gets unpleasant, we can always turn right and head to BC. And, it will be an adventure.

We’ll be back the first week of September. Have a good rest of your summer.


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10 comments on “Heading to Alaska
  1. Jennifer says:

    Thanks Etienne–we’ve just posted some higlights.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Sorry we missed you Ken. Friday Harbor sure was busy that day–we ended up docking 3 times just to stay for a few hours and fill our water tank.

  3. Etienne Grobler says:

    Hope you guys had a great trip. Can’t wait for the updates.

  4. Ken Sampson says:

    Got a chance to see your beautiful boat at Friday Harbor when you came in to replenish and fill up water. We were on the end tie on G dock (37′ Bay) missed seeing your cats. Wanted to stop by and thank you for your great site and helping me understand my 270Bs better, but you had already moved by the time I made it out to BWA.

  5. Fishwife says:

    Many thanks for the information on the boxes. I was delighted to see that they have a site in the UK as well.

  6. Jennifer Hamilton says:

    We had a wonderful trip and will be posting details over the next few weeks. The boxes are called "Really Useful Boxes". We like them because they are straight-sided and don’t waste space, are very strong, are see-through, and come in many sizes. We’ve probably got 50 of the clear ones stashed around the boat, with more on the way. We buy them from Office Depot and online at http://www.reallyusefulproducts.co.uk/usa/


  7. Fishwife says:

    I hope you are having a wonderful time and the weather is treating you well.
    Can I ask you about the large blueish plastic boxes you are using for storage. I’ve seen them on other Nordhavns and thought the were very practical. Who makes them.

    Thank you for your reply


  8. Thanks Frank and Carolyne. Good hearing from you both. Have a great rest of your summer as well.


  9. Carolyne says:

    Another admirable adventure! We can’t wait to read all about it. Have a brilliant trip.

    Carolyne & John

  10. Frank Ch. EIgler says:

    Good luck on your adventure.

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