Interior progress

The roof is now on the pilot house of new Dirona, and other exterior work is progressing. But the most obvious progress is inside, where many of the changes that we’ve specified are taking shape. We’ll be visiting the yard in Xiamen in early August to see it in person.

One of our early challenges was to install a day head. The standard day head design was to replace the stacked washer dryer, shown behind the louvered door just starboard of the steps to the pilot house in the top right picture below. Instead of stacked washer/dryer, a combo unit would be installed in the pilot house. We had initially considered this design, but preferred a separate washer/dryer and didn’t want to give up space in the pilot house either, so were going to install the washer/dryer on the starboard side of the guest stateroom. This would chew up a lot of storage space however, and getting the units in and out for service would be tricky. Later we came up with a design where the day head tucks into a nook aft of the washer/dryer, with a sliding door that closes off the whole area. We mocked up the space to using tape and a stool and felt there would be just enough room. It looks like it will work nicely.


In the salon area, we added a wall forward of the starboard settee to enclose the day head into a small room. One problem with this design is that location is the standard place for a TV lift. So we instead installed the TV on the port side, as we’d deleted the port settee. With more width available, we were able to install a 46″ TV.


We’ve made a bunch of changes to the galley, some shown in the pictures below. The original design for the aft galley counter has a cabinet starboard of the sink, then the dishwasher, then a stack of small drawers and then the trash compacter. We shifted the dishwasher to be next to the garbage compacter and joined the drawers and the cabinet next to the sink into a single wide unit with a deep, wide drawer on the bottom, a shallow wide draw above, and a single small drawer next to the sink basin (top right picture below). Our last two houses have had deep, wide drawers like this in lieu of cabinets, and it allows much greater flexibility on storage and better use of the space. The bottom right picture is of the stove area. We replaced a stack of small drawers to the right of the stove with a single drawer and a cabinet below with a divider for storing long flat items such as cookie trays and cutting boards.


The pilot house and the settee are taking shape as well. We’ve not made many change there.


Normally the guest stateroom has open shelves above the desk. We’ve instead specified cabinets with locker doors to give us more enclosed storage space. We widened the desk slightly to make up for some of the space lost to the cabinets. And we widened the guest stateroom bed to give more room at the foot of the bed.


The engine is in place under a tarp, with the fuel tanks on either side, but not much else has been installed in either the engine room or the lazarette. The lazaratte has a ton of space, but we’ll soon have it and the engine room stuffed with equipment. Jeremy Henderson, our project manager at Nordhavn, jokes that we’re trying to sink the boat.


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9 comments on “Interior progress
  1. James says:

    the 2nd to last photo dosen’t load on my pc may be an issue with your website or my internet

  2. Yes, it does look like the 63 beside 5263. If it’s OK with PAE, I’m happy to let you know how the 63 is coming along. But I suspect they’ll want me sticking to our boat on the description of the yard visit.

    We’re looking forward to how our boat is coming together. Its been a very long process to get to this point. We’re ready to see it.

    James Hamilton

  3. Rusty says:

    James – Looks like your boat is being built right next to the new N63. Maybe you can sneak over and take a peek at it as well during your visit in August. I am sure the Nordhavn Dreamers blog would love to get another first hand report on its progress.

  4. Thanks for the comment Matt. We’ll be visiting the yard in 10 days so we’ll get the first real look at the galley then but, I agree, it does look like the design changes are going to work well.

    Best of luck on your plan of getting a Nordhavn in the future.

    James Hamilton

  5. Matt Baker says:

    It is coming together quick, you must be very excited. I really like the reconfig of the cabinets/drawers in the galley. Definately more flexible! I am hoping we can track to our plan and see you out on the seas in a few years on a Nordhavn of our own.

  6. Exactly Rusty. We love the two larger windows on the port side but the day head bulkhead on the stbd side would have landed in the middle of the two window approach so we went with three. We’ll be visiting the yard in two weeks and will get to see how well the layout works then but I’m optimistic about the day head design. It’s a good use of space and I think it’ll work well but we’ll know soon.

  7. Rusty says:

    Looks great! I like your solution for the washer/dryer and day head. Now it makes sense why you didn’t have the two larger windows installed on the starboard side of the salon.

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