House in place

The house and hull for new Dirona came out of the mold a few weeks back and have now been joined together. In the top left picture below, our three engines await installation. From right to left: main engine, John Deer 6068AFM75; wing engine, Lugger 40HP Lugger L844D; and generator, 12 kW Northern Lights.



The boat has a lot of height to gain—the flybridge, stack, and boat deck are still in the mold. The stack will be installed with a tabernacle hinge so that it can be lowered or removed completely, using a Travel Lift. We’re hoping to be able to reduce the air draft enough to clear the lowest fixed bridge along the Great Loop: the 19’1” AT&S Railroad Bridge on the Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal.


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8 comments on “House in place
  1. Yes, correct, it is the first fully configured 52 with flybridge, larger tankage, and longer boat deck.

    James Hamilton

  2. Rusty says:

    James –

    Is N5263 the first of the N52’s to have the new flybridge and boat deck? I saw in your earlier posts the pictures of a N52 with just the extended hull.

    Thanks …

  3. We will cover some of the more significant changes in more detail on the blog. You were looking for some examples: 16′ extendable davit allow port, stbd, or stern dinghy launching, hydraulic systems, engine, water maker, day head, hinged stack and how it is lowered, high capacity freezer, TV cabinet, hot water furnace with engine heat, galley cabinetry changes, ground tackle, LED lighting, and 2x100A chargers and 4kw inverter.

    Right now, just keeping up with the build and staying on top of the questions and decisions that need to be made is keeping us fairly busy but we’ll post more as systems finalize and as we learn more about our choices. I’m hoping our next blog posting will be the boat with the fly bridge and boat deck installed.

    James Hamilton

  4. Sam says:

    James, you’ve mentioned here and also on the Nordhavn Dreamers site that you are equipping your N52 with a lot of equipment. Could you elaborate on this? How will she be equipped?


  5. Yes, the water heater, house water pump, and the fire control systems are now in the laz whereas in early boats they were in the engine room. We’re currently working on machinery placement and having some troubles finding a spot for everything. We’ll know in 4 to 8 weeks where everything ended up.

    James Hamilton

  6. Rusty says:

    James –

    With the increased size of the lazarette is Nordhavn recommending moving additional equipment to that area? From your pictures it looks like there will be a lot of usable space.

    Thanks …

  7. Using this technique a crane or Travelift can get down to 20′ of air draft. If the stack is lifted completely off rather than just lowered, it may be able to get down to 19′ but that looks less clear. Unfortunately, the Great Loop requires no more than 19.1′ — it may make that or it may not. Still getting down to 20′ is useful.


  8. Rusty says:

    Wow! Looks great. I love the hinged stack idea and hope it works. Having both bluewater and great loop capabilities would be a great combination. I did not realize it might be possible to reduce the height of the boat that significantly.

    I noticed you kept the three windows on the starboard side of the salon. Is this to provide for ventilation or are there other reasons?

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