Back from the Outside Passage in BC

We arrived back from nearly 3 weeks exploring the Outside Passage.  And, similar to our exploring in Queen Charlotte Sound, we found a wonderfully complex shoreline with literally thousands of anchorages.  Some were quite challenging and most were incredibly beautiful.  For example, the entrance to Port Stephens is a bit of an eye opener at low water.  We chose to enter at high water J.


Particularly notable was Cann Inlet, where we anchored in front of three waterfalls. 


The one consistent factor is there simply was no boat traffic.  During the entire time we were in the area, we rarely saw another boat and never shared an anchorage.  The crabbing was good, the exploring was fun, the hiking was amazing, and we’ll certainly be back.


We’ll post more when we get the time. Here’s the overall trip summary:


·         1,309.5 miles traveled

·         204 total engine hours

·         Fuel consumption over trip: 966 gallons of fuel @ $5,566

o   Least expensive: $5.06/gallon (Campbell River)

o   Most expensive: $6.84/gallon

o   Average cost: $5.76/gallon

o   Average MPG: 1.36 MPG

o   Average GPH: 4.74 gallons/hour.

·         Fuel consumption running north (2100 to 2200 RPM):

o   33.4 hours

o   359.4 Miles on 511 gallons

o   0.70 MPG

o   15.3 gallons/hour

·         Fuel consumption while in Outside Passage (1050 to 1100 RPM):

o   88.9 hours

o   404.5 miles on 192.28 gallons

o   2.1 MPG

o   2.16 gallons/hour

·         2,232 pictures,

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