Blogging Hiatus Until Mid-August

We’re voyaging north to further explore the Hakai Luxvbalis Conservancy Area and the outer islands north of Seaforth Channel, so we won’t be blogging again until we’re back and caught up in the mid-August time frame.  More then.


Jennifer & James Hamilton /


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2 comments on “Blogging Hiatus Until Mid-August
  1. Thanks Etienne!

    We had a great trip. Went fast north and spent $3,400 doing it but it was worth it to get more time in the Outside Passage area. Spent the rest of the trip at displacement speeds. You’ll love this: we ran 88 hours and nearly three weeks on 192 gallons.

    This might have been the best trip yet. I hope your summer has been excellent as well.


  2. Etienne says:

    Have a safe journey!

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