Seattle Boat Show 2024

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We’ve been toying with the idea of a high-speed weekend boat to more easily take advantage of the water-based attractions in the area, so made that our focus at this year’s Seattle Boat Show. Brands that we toured include Arksen, Axopar, Coastal Craft, and Saxdor. Wellcraft also is of interest, but they weren’t represented at the show and we haven’t yet had a chance to board one yet. The Arksen 30 layout, simplicity and relatively modest price tag is appealing, but the higher-end Coastal Craft really caught our attention with its beautiful interior and extensive equipment options.

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Arksen A30

An Arksen A30 at the Seattle Boat Show Bell Harbor Marine location. The Axopar is an appealing package, with a 45-knot top speed, light-filled cabin, pocket galley, V-berth forward and spacious cockpit.
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We also checked out several Axopar models at the Seattle Boat Show, but didn’t find their layout as appealing as the Arksen 30, particularly the exterior head forward of the helm.
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Galeon 470 Sky

We’re definitely not in the market for a Galen 470 Sky, but were impressed with the fold-out bar area.
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Coastal Craft

We hadn’t been on a Coastal Craft for many years and were surprised to see they had evolved from a work boat feel to high-end, with a price tag to match. This 42-ft (12.8 m) Expressfish model has a beautiful interior and can do 55 knots. It’s way more boat than we want, but the smaller 33-ft (10 m) Expressfish can do 45 knots and might fit the bill.
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Lumen Field

Looking across the hundreds of boats on display for the Seattle Boat Show at the Lumen Field Event Center.
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The Saxdor 320 is another entrant in the weekend boat contenders. But we liked the interior layout of the Arksen a little better, and it also had a shower and a glass roof instead of fabric.
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Life Proof Boats 45 FC

Life Proof Boats 45 FC was nicely finished, but felt like more boat than we needed. They also have a 33 FC, but it doesn’t have sleeping accommodations.

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5 comments on “Seattle Boat Show 2024
  1. D. B. says:

    I’ve driven an Axopar and found the hull to sound a bit hollow. Been on a Life Proof too, quick, smooth and well equipped. My favorite is the Hinckley Sport 40 which will do 50kts but the price is in the stratosphere and the fuel burn exceeds 100gph at WOT.

  2. John Schieffelin says:

    I hope you will look carefully at the tough European brands, mostly from Finland that are now being sold in the USA: Targa, Sargo and Nordstar. They are perfect for rainy, cool Northwest boating.

    Don’t overlook classic USA brands either. Boston Whaler and Pursuit make excellent semi-pilothouse boats that offer fine performance.

    If you like the Axopar look, see if there is a Nimbus dealer near you. The Nimbus T11 and C11 are cool , well-designed weekenders.

    Coastal Craft make great boats and the best part is that they are semi-custom so you can add all sorts of solar panels and lithium-battery Victron electrical systems to avoid installing a generator.

  3. gary weiner says:

    Any suggestions on travel off coast of SoCal, LA to San Diego? Most of trip from SF south is off-shore, yes?

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