Seahawks Draft Party

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Jennifer loves to get pictures with team mascots and recently added another to the list with Blitz of the Seattle Seahawks at the team’s 2023 NFL Draft Party. The event was held at the Space Needle with guest appearances from several players as the 2023 NFL draft was broadcast. The party was fantastic, made even better by the sweeping views from the Space Needle on the warm and sunny day.

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2023 Draft Party
The Seattle Seahawks hosted a 2023 Draft Party at the Space Needle. Here the Seahawks Dancers are entertaining the crowd before the doors open.
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Blue Thunder
The Seahawks drumline, Blue Thunder, also was on hand at the 2023 Draft Party. The weather remains wonderfully warm for late April, with a high of 64°F (17.8°C).
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High Fives
High fives from team mascot Blitz as we enter the Space Needle.
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Norwegian Jewel
The Norwegian Jewel moored at Pier 66, viewed from the Space Needle. We’ll be taking that ship in four days on an Inside Passage cruise from Vancouver to Alaska.
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Cabin 9004
The bridge of the Norwegian Jewel. Our cabin for next week, 9004, has the lower forward balcony on this side (starboard) of the ship and a second balcony along the side beneath the bridge wing.
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Seattle Skyline
The Seattle skyline and Mt. Rainier, viewed from the top of the Space Needle.
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The north tower of our apartment complex, Insignia, viewed from the Space Needle. Our apartment is in the south tower, hidden behind the north tower.
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Glass Floor
Looking down through the glass floor in the Space Needle. Jennifer is at bottom and our friend Kimanh Moreau is wearing the fabulous chartreuse boots.
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Draft Selection
All eyes focused on the video display as the Seahawks announce their first draft pick.
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Jennifer has been trying for years to get a picture with Blitz, the Seahawks mascot, and finally got one tonight.
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Evening View
Evening view to Seattle from the Space Needle.
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Ice Sculpture
This ice sculpture was full of shrimp and other seafood at the start of the Seahawks Draft Party and is pretty much picked bare now.
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