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From the island of Fedje, we continued north to Skjerjehamn, also a popular summer tourist and boating destination. The coastal town is known for its many sculptures, including The Blue Garden, an outdoor sculpture trail and exhibit about aquaculture. After a 20-mile, 3.5-hour run, we anchored at the nearby island of Bjoroyna and ran the tender in for an enjoyable tour of the sculptures and the surrounding area.

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A mass of pipelines (the purple lollipop shapes) running into Fensfjorden from the North Sea oil fields towards the Mongstad oil terminal at bottom right. Dirona is just off the screenshot at bottom left shortly after we departed from the island of Fedje.
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Sunrise looking into Fensfjorden.
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Another view to the oil platforms at the port of Skipavik-Gulen that we anchored opposite a couple of weeks ago.
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Skandi Iceman
View to the huge exhaust pipes extending from the anchor-handling tug Skandi Iceman, moored near the oil platforms at the port of Skipavik-Gulen. The ship is powered by two Rolls Royce Bergen B32: 40V12 engines, each producing 6000 kW (8050 HP). They sure are impressive-looking vessels. The equally-impressive price tag of NOK 550 million (USD 62 million) is a little steep though.
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About to pass under the bridge across the Brandangersundet, completed in 2010. The 935ft (285m) bridge was constructed off-site then transported into place by barge.
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Bjoroyna Anchorage
Our anchorage off the island of Bjoroyna in 99 ft (30m) of water on 300 ft (91m) rode.
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The tender tied off at the Skjerjehamn docks for a walk ashore.
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Skjerjehamn is known for its many sculptures, including a small sculpture park.
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King Olav V
Statue at Skjerjehamn of the immensely popular King Olav V, who reigned in Norway from 1957 until his death in 1991. The Oslo city council commissioned the statue in the early 2000s, but the final result was rejected because it made the king appear more like a dictator than the “People’s King” he was known as. Many municipalities vied for the rejected statue, but Skjerjehamn prevailed.
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Blue Garden
The Blue Garden at Skjerjehamn is an outdoor sculpture trail and exhibit about aquaculture, highlighting how aquaculture can help address world hunger. This display “The World Needs Food” shows the past and estimated future world population in billions, ending at an estimated 9.8 billion by 2050.
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The Field of Blue
The Field of Blue display shows that water covers 70% of the earth’s surface, but only accounts for 5% if its food supply, so there’s lots of room to increase aquaculture output.
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Inner Harbour
View into the inner harbour at Skjerjehamn from the Blue Garden sculpture trail.
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A Cold Fish
“A Cold Fish” details how salmon can more efficiently convert food energy into body mass compared to other common forms of animal protein, partly becuase the fish is cold-blooded and requires a relatively lower intake of energy to maintain body temperature. To produce 1kg of protein, only 1.2kg of feed is required for salmon, compared to 3kg for pork and up to 8kg for beef.
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A salmon sculpture along the Blue Garden sculpture trail at Skjerjehamn.
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We Are One
We Are One by Italian-based sculptor Simona Bocchi, showing two figures united with one wing, at Skjerjehamn.
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Skjerjehamn Hotel
The 19th-century Skjerjehamn Hotel.
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Norway and the Sea
“Norway and the Sea”, part of the Blue Garden sculpture trail at Skjerjehamn, is a wooden bench made in the shape of the complete Norwegian coast extending from south in the foreground to north in the distance.
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Norwegian Seafood Export
Fingerpost at Skjerjehamn showing distances to a few of the more then 140 countries where Norwegian seafood is exported.
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Exploring around Skjerjehamn, we followed a trail marked on our topo maps that ended in this boardwalk to a boathouse and large patio area.
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Skjerjehamn is immensely popular in the summer, but is pretty quiet in late October.
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Happy Hour
Happy hour in the cockpit at the island of Bjoroyna after an afternoon exploring nearby Skjerjehamn.
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  1. Tor Arild Steinsvåg says:

    Love to see your reports around the world !
    And of course even better when it’s from the my nearby area :)
    There should be a lot’s of reason for us locale to give you guys hint’s and tips where to search for places.
    But ,,, it looks like you have done an exellent reaserach ahead.
    PS , you did assume a azimuth prop located on Killingøy earliere was for a PSV.
    Close,,, but it was for a FPSO on UK sector. Replaced with help og ROV’s.

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