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After exploring its two branches, Sandeidfjorden and Yrkjefjorden, we completed our five-day tour of cross-shaped Vindafjorden in a beautiful anchorage at Kvaloy. On a warm and sunny day, we toured to the head by tender, then spent a lazy evening enjoying the surroundings from the cockpit.

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A final look at the massive Jotun-B platform jacket near the 775ft (236m) FPSO Curlew (Floating Production Storage And Offloading Vessel) at AF Environmental Base for decommissioning and recycling.
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Spitfire enjoying the relaxing and sheltered cruising through Ryfylkefjordane in southern Norway.
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Fuel Prices
Ron Rubin, former owner of Nordhavn 46 Alcyone, sent us a link to, showing Norway as second highest in the world. We like cruising in Norway sufficiently well to happily pay ridiculously high fuel prices.
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View to the sheltered anchorage at Kvaloy in Vindafjorden (clockwise from top left corner is the view forward, aft, starboard, and port).
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Valve Adjustment Due
Our automation system sent an email this morning noting that we’re due for a valve adjustment 50 hours after replacing the cylinder head on our generator.
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Terrace View
Karl Erik Johansen sent us this photo of Dirona at anchor, viewed from their terrace shortly after we’d arrived.
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One of several beautiful modern cabins on the island of Storoyna that forms the south side of our anchorage at Kvaloy.
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Bridge over the narrow channel between the island of Storoyna and Kvaloy on the mainland.
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Fish Farm
Norway has lots and lots of fish farms. We’ve already seen at least a couple of dozen in the short time we’ve been here.
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Feeding Pipes
At regular intervals, fish food is delivered through the pipes and into the fish pens.
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Workboat offloading feed at the fish farm near Kvaloy.
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Sun Room
We loved the bright second-floor sun room on this house at Finnvika on the opposite side of Vindafjorden from our anchorage at Kvaloy.
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Elevated Structure
We’ve seen several of these elevated structures in the area, but aren’t sure their purpose. We’re guessing they’re used for fishing.

Update 08/12/2020: A blog reader told us this is a Gilje, used for catching salmon.

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Bluffs on the mainland near our anchorage at Kvaloy.
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Crane Manifold
Our crane “winch down” failed again today, but this time before we got the tender back on the boat deck. The problem likely is either a solenoid problem at the manifold or a wiring issue. Here James is wedged behind the lazarette freezer to investigate at the manifold.
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Broken Wire
The “winch down” function has been alternating between working and not working, which slows down problem determination. But we found a broken wire that was just barely connecting in the new harness we built a year back.
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Dirona at anchor in beautiful Kvaloy in Vindafjorden.
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