Changing Starter in 12kW Northern Lights

  Our Northern Lights 12kW generator is just a slight bit slower to start. In this video, we check the likely possibilities for slow to start, including air filters, fuel filters, voltage at battery, and voltage at starter during cranking and determine that the starter is at fault. We then show the process of changing the starter and bringing the system back on line.



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2 comments on “Changing Starter in 12kW Northern Lights
  1. Erik Reid says:


    Great video as always. As a helicopter mechanic i know working in small spaces is not fun. I have found that an inspection mirror, or a small free standing vanity mirror can be invaluable. Hope you get your parts soon. Cant wait to see that job.


    • I used to work on exotic cars which have their share of tight places but I suspect they are easy when compared to helicopters. The parts are in nearby Inverness and we expect them here in Stornoway tomorrow morning.

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