Replacing Generator Overhead Light

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The overhead space between our generator and the ceiling is rather limited, and the fluorescent light mounted directly above it consumed a large chunk of that. So much so that James recently broke a bulb when jammed over top working to free the exhaust elbow from the exhaust hose. So we decided to remove the light entirely and replace it with a number of small LED floodlights.

The job turned out really well. We love how much space there now is above the generator, and the new lights are both brighter and come on faster than the old fluorescents.

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Old Light
The installed light above the generator takes up a lot of space, making a tight spot even tighter.
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Removing Light
With the cover already off, we are removing the rest of the light from above the generator.
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Testing out a position for one of the new engine room lights. Unusual for him, Spitfire is seated the background ignoring the process entirely.
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James sat down for a break while working on the new engine room lights and Spitfire immediately jumped up for some attention.
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Another Light
Trying out a location for a new light above the aft end of the generator.
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Mocked Up
The new engine room lights mocked up and held in place with tape. We’ve decided to go with one above the main engine to the right of James, another above the generator above right, and a third, not visible, directly above the door to the lazarette.
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Space Above Gen
The final install showing two of the three new lights, one shining on the gen and the other above the door to the lazarette. Look at all that space above the generator!
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Looking forward to the two new engine room lights, one above the gen at upper right and the other above the main. We love having more space above the generator, and the light also is brighter and whiter too.

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3 comments on “Replacing Generator Overhead Light
  1. Ken Anderson says:

    Hi James. Did you replace them with 24 or 110v lights. I have the same issue and have thought about going all LED in the engine room. Like the solution also can you share the make?

    • The light we took out due to insufficient clearance over the generator was a 120V fluorescent light fixture. We replaced it with three 10W LED flood lights from LEDwholesalers purchased through Amazon. These are also 120V lights. They appear to no longer be available from LEDwholesalers but these appear to be the same fixtures:

      For us the driving force for the change was the lack of clearance over the generator making it hard to service. It’s MUCH nicer but we’re not wed to the lights we used to replace them. I’m sure there are better choices available — that’s just what we had on the boat when I was finally tired of trying to force myself between the generator and the light fixture :-).

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