Rudesheim, Germany

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Rudesheim am Rhein has been a German winemaking town for a thousand years, and today is known especially for its high-quality Reislings. After touring Heidelberg, Germany, we arrived in Rudesheim that evening and enjoyed a post-dinner wine tasting. The following morning, we walked up through the vineyards to enjoy the views to the Rhine River and also see the famous Niederwalddenkmal monument that commemorates the 1871 foundation of the German empire.

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We arrived into Rudesheim, Germany during dinner and will moor there for the night. With our starboard-side stateroom, we had a great view across the river to the nearby towns.
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Tourist train that will carry us into Rudesheim for an evening wine-tasting.
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Adolf Storzel
The three delicious wines we tasted at the centuries-old Adolf Storzel winery in Rudesheim, Germany.
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Vineyard Walk
After overnighting at Rudesheim, the following morning we took a walk through the vineyards above the Rhine.
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The Nahe river entering the Rhine alongside the town of Bingen.
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Ehrenfels Castle
The ruins of Ehrenfels Castle, built in the early 1200s for defense and as a customs control post to control shipping on the Rhine. The castle was destroyed in 1689 during the Thirty Years War.
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Mauseturm Tower
The Mauseturm (Mouse) Tower, originally built in the 13th century to complement Ehrenfels Castle for customs toll control along the Rhine River. The name Mouse Tower derives from a folk tale where an army of mice chased the cruel castle owner into the tower and ate him alive.
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Electric Shears
Throughout the vineyards, people were efficiently pruning the vines using electric shears.
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The Niederwalddenkmal, standing high above the Rhine, commemorates the 1871 foundation of the German empire from numerous independent states.
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Niederwalddenkmal Close-Up
We walked up the hill for a closer look at the Niederwalddenkmal. The 34ft (10.5 m) statue of Germania, the personification of the German nation, holds the new crown of the empire in her right hand and the Imperial sword in her left.
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Rhine View
Wonderful view east along the Rhine from the Niederwalddenkmal. Our boat, the AmaMora, is visible moored along this side of the river, slightly left of center.
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