Kar-Tech Mini Guider Proportional Calibration

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The Kar-Tech Mini Guider is a good wireless remote control for the Steelhead ES-series of cranes including the ES-1000 and ES-1500. It’s easy to use and works quite well. For install instructions, see Steelhead Wireless Remote.

Part of the installation is configuring proportional control, and the Kar-Tech instructions are a bit opaque. But once calibrated, the proportional functionality works quite well. Here’s our more detailed version of the instructions, that allows calibration to be completed in under a minute once you get used to it:

  1. Turn off remote (push E-stop down).
  2. Turn crane circuit breaker off.
  3. Turn on remote (E-stop up).
  4. At the same time, switch up the first three switches remote switches (boom up, winch down, rotation CW).
  5. When the red LED on the remote blinks rapidly, release the three switches and you are now in calibration mode.
  6. Turn crane circuit breaker on.
  7. Switch extension out switch on.
  8. When the red LED on the remote blinks slowly, release the extension out switch. You are now in minimum calibration stage.
  9. Hold rotate CW switch and slowly pull the trigger to absolute minimum amount that allows the crane to move.
  10. Continue to hold the rotate CW switch on with the trigger at this minimum position where the crane just barely moves and then switch the boom extend on and then back off.
  11. Red light should blink rapidly indicating in maximum calibration stage.
  12. Release rotate CW switch and trigger.
  13. Hold rotate CW on and slowly pull the trigger to the minimum required to get full crane swing speed and then hold the trigger there. The goal here is the minimum trigger position that gives full crane speed.
  14. Continue to hold the rotate CW switch on with the trigger at this minimum position where the crane moves at full rotation speed and then switch the boom extend on and then back off.
  15. Red light should blink slowly indicating valve dither frequency calibration stage.
  16. Release rotate CW switch and trigger.
  17. Switch boom up on and off three times to set 200 hz PWM frequency. Each time the boom up is switched on should show a green LED light on the remote. 
  18. Switch boom extend switch on and then off to save calibration and end calibration mode. The red light should be off at this point.
  19. Turn off remote (push E-stop down)
  20. Turn the crane breaker switch off, wait 10 seconds, and then turn the crane breaker back on.
  21. Turn on remote (E-stop up) and test crane operation

We’ve also updated the wiring description in Steelhead Wireless Remote to make the wiring needed to install the Kar-Tech Mini-Guider more clear. We also include the pin-out description for the 16-pin circular wired pendant connection. Strictly speaking, the latter is not required, but can make problem determination much quicker.


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4 comments on “Kar-Tech Mini Guider Proportional Calibration
  1. Chris Barber says:

    Hi James

    I’m getting some confusing info from Kar-Tech on this controller. My crane is an Aritex with a simple wired on/off control. In a first conversation with Kar-Tech they left me with the impression that their proportional controller would PWM the whatever-it-is that makes the pump go and I would have a proportional crane.

    Then in a second conversation they stated that I should buy their on/off controller because my crane is an on/off control crane.

    Was your SHM crane originally on/off and you made it proportional with this controller, or was it always proportional and you just added this controller for wireless operation?

  2. Eric Patterson says:

    Does the Kar-Tech fully replace the wired control included with the Steel Head? Also, is this a product offered by Steel Head or do they have their own? Looks like a solid company and quality product. I really like the idea of a wireless on the crane.

    • The Kar-Tech certainly could replace the wired controller but a better approach is to install a Y-connector which allows the Kar-Tech remote to control all crane functions but still leave the wired remote available as a backup. We’ve not used the wired remote since moving to the wireless but we kept it operational in case we ever experience a wireless remote failure. They both can be used and both are fully functional.

      Steelhead does OEM the Kar-Tech remote and has also recently released a new wireless design. I tried the new Steelhead wireless remote at the METS trade show in Amsterdam and it appears to work very well.

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