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Copenhagen’s Orestad neighbourhood, southeast of the city center, is known for its spectacular modern architecture, so much so that companies run architectural tours of the area. On our final day in Copenhagen, we made our own architectural tour of Orestad by bicycle. We were really impressed with the modern and innovative architecture, including several by BIG, who also designed the Maritime Musuem of Denmark and Amager Bakke.

Below are trip highlights from October 12th, 2019 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Click any image for a larger view, or click the position to view the location on a map. And a live map of our current route and most recent log entries always is available at mvdirona.com/maps.

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At Fisketorvet Shopping Mall for a quick lunch before our bicycle tour of Orestad.
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Shoal No.8
The sculpture Shoal No.8 consists of 8,500 stainless steel fish suspended from an atrium at Fisketorvet Shopping Mall.
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Riding across the Cykelslangen (Cycling Snake), a dedicated raised cycling path between Fisketorvet Shopping Center and Brygge Bridge.
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The Boligslangen (the “Housing Snake”) is so named because the group of apartment buildings wind through the landscape.
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Tietgen Residence Hall
The Tietgen Residence Hall in the University of Copenhagen’s South Campus was inspired by traditional Tulou houses in Southeastern China that combine individual dwellings and communal spaces. The interior of the building is an open-air circular park.
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Bicycle Parking
From a distance we could see these small raised hills and were curious what they were. They turned out to be covered bicycle parking.
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IT University of Copenhagen
The University of Copenhagen South Campus (left) along Emil Holms Kanal.
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DR Koncerthuset
DR Koncerthuset by French architect Jean Nouvel consists of four separate concert halls, each with a different architecture and expression.
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Bella Sky
The striking Marriott AC Hotel Bella Sky Copenhagen consists of two leaning, curved towers with a sky bridge between them at the top.
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VM Mountain
VM Mountain residences were designed by innovative Danish architecture firm BIG, who also designed the Maritime Musuem of Denmark and Amager Bakke.
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VM Mountain Terraces
Each of the 80 units in VM Mountain have terrace decks and roof gardens with views of Orestad and East Amager.
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The Ericsson Denmark building, designed with a slight curve in the face.
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Royal Arena
The Royal Arena, completed in 2017, is designed to be a public space and to present a more transparent and welcoming presence than typical stadiums with the slatted timber sheathing allowing views inwards and outwards. In this case, “Royal” is the beer, rather than the monarchy.
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8 House
Incredible 8 House, by innovative Danish architecture firm BIG, who also designed the Maritime Museum of Denmark and Amager Bakke. The apartment building is in the shape of a figure eight, visible in the satellite imagery or in this photograph.
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Bicycle Paths
Copenhagen is very bicycle-friendly—even the most remote roads have dedicated bicycle paths.
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Maritime Youth House
The Maritime Youth House was built on the site of polluted soil. Rather than spending money to remove the soil, the architects instead covered it with an undulating deck that forms part of the structure’s roof, leaving more money for the building.
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Circle Bridge
Crossing the Circle Bridge pedestrian bridge. It is made with intersecting circles and poles that resemble ship’s masts, a nod to the city’s maritime past. We earlier passed under the Circle Bridge in our tender.
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Cap Horn
A great dinner at nautical-themed Cap Horn along Nyhavn.
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Dirona, aglow in blue just left of center, moored at Nyhavn in downtown Copenhagen.
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