Gamla Stan

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The island of Gamla Stan is Stockholm’s old town, dating from the 13th century. The district is packed with narrow, cobbled alleyways, historic buildings, museums, and cafes, and is home to the Royal Palace Kungliga Slottet and Stockholm’s oldest building, Stockholm Cathedral, consecrated in 1306.

As is typically our custom when arriving in a new city, we took a Lonely Planet-inspired “City Walk” through downtown Stockholm and across the bridge to Gamla Stan. We love not having go retrace our steps and here could take a tram to the start the walk and a ferry back to Dirona from Gamla Stan.

Below are trip highlights from june 29th in Stockholm, Sweden. Click any image for a larger view, or click the position to view the location on a map. And a live map of our current route and most recent log entries always is available at

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Viking Grace
The Viking Grace bunkering LNG opposite the harbour from our berth. This is the ship with the rotor sail (not visible in the picture).
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We had a couple items of mail waiting for us at Wasahamnen: a replacement disk drive for our media player and a map and guidebook for the Gota canal that we’ll pass through after leaving Stockholm.
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Dramaten, the Royal Dramatic Theater, was founded in 1788 and has been in the current Art Nouveau building since 1908.
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The Bishops Arms
Lunch street-side at The Bishops Arms pub.
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Central Post Office Building
Tis historic 1903 building was headquarters for the Swedish post service until 2003 and now houses the Ministry of Enterprise and other government departments.
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Klara Kyrka
The beautiful interior of Klara Kyrka. Construction of the church started in 1527 and the tower was built as part of a restoration project in the 1880s.
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Sergels Torg
Sergels Torg is often a busy place, but was pretty quiet today, especially since the fountains weren’t running.
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The park Kungstradgarden originally was the kitchen garden for the royal palace and now is a popular gathering place year-round. In the winter, an ice-skating rink is here.
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Brazilian Day
Kungstradgarden was packed with people attending the Brazilian Day festivities.
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King Karl XII
Statue of King Karl XII, the King of Sweden from 1697 to 1718. He assumed power at the age of 15 and led Sweden through many successful battles throughout the Baltic.
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Gustav II Adolph
Gustav II Adolph was King of Sweden from 1611 to 1632. He is considered among the best military commanders of all time and is credited with establishing the Sweden as a great power.
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Opera House
The Royal Opera House opened in 1896.
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These modern competitors to the Duck tourist vehicle are common in Stockholm.
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The Swedish parliament buildings, Riksdagshuset, fill most of the small islet of Helgeandsholmen and were constructed between 1897 and 1905.
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The modern western side of the Swedish parliament buildings with the narrow channel Norrstrom carrying the freshwater outflow at several knots from Lake Malaren into the Baltic.
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Freshly pressed orange juice seem immensely popular here in Stockholm. We’ve seen stores producing orange rinds so fast they’re piling up outside.
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The narrow alley of Klockgjutargrand in Stockholm’s old town, Gamla Stan.
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The spectacular silver alter inside Storkyrkan, Stockholm Cathedral. The church was consecrated in 1306 and is Stockholm’s oldest building.
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St George and the Dragon
The details sculpture at Stockholm Cathedral of St. George slaying a dragon dates from 1489.
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Kungliga Slottet
Statue of Karl XIV Johans, King of Sweden from 1818-1844, in front of the royal palace Kungliga Slottet. The royal family still resides there and the 608-room palace is the largest in the world still used for its original purpose.
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Gustav III
Statue of Gustav III along the waterfront east of the royal palace. He was King of Sweden from 1771 until he was assassinated in 1792.
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Stortorget, in the center of Gamla Stan, is the oldest public square in Stockholm. It was the site, in 1520, of the Stockholm Bloodbath where King Christian II executed 100 people who were opposed to him.
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Cafe-lined Osterlanggatan in Stockholm’s old town, Gamla Stan.
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Marten Trotzigs Grand
Jennifer standing on Marten Trotzigs Grand, Stockholm’s narrowest lane. It’s a very popular photo opportunity and often crowded with pedestrians.
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A delicious margarita at Geronimo in Gamla Stan.
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The Riddarhuset palace (Great Hall of Nobility) was built in the mid-1600s and was used by the aristocracy for meetings of Parliament. Today it is a museum.
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Franciscan monks built Riddarholmskyrkan in the late 13th century.
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King Magnus Ladula (1240-1290) and King Karl Knuttson Bonde (ca. 1408-1470) are buried in front of the alter at Riddarholmskyrkan.
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City Hall
Stockholm’s City Hall building was completed in 1923 and is a landmark in the city. The 347ft (106m) tower is open to the public to climb to the top.
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Flying Elk
A great meal street-side at the Flying Elk gastropub.
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Boarding the ferry to return to the island of Djurgarden and Wasahamnen.
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Dirona moored at Wasahamnen, viewed from our ferry home.
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    Actually, the Swedish royal family officially moved to one of their other castles (Drottningholm Castle) in 1981 already ;-)

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