Amsterdam Tigers

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The Amsterdam Tigers are a semi-professional ice hockey team that play in Jaap Edenhal arena, a short train ride southeast of the city center. The complex is named after the famous Dutch speed skater Jaap Eden and includes the largest skating rink in the Netherlands, with a 1312ft (400m) lane. We hadn’t seen a live ice hockey game since attending a San Jose Sharks match a year ago and had a great time at the Tigers game.

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River Cruise Boats
A half-dozen river cruise boats moored just east of Amsterdam Central Station.
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Bicycle Lane
Amsterdam is full of two-way bicycle lanes such as this one along De Ruijerkade that runs between the IJ River and Amsterdam Central Station. The lane continues past our marina and and is constantly full of cyclists and scooter riders. Riding a bicycle here is much like driving a car: you need to wait for a gap in traffic to enter the lanes, be aware of potentially passing traffic if you pull out to pass and exit the lanes with care so you don’t get run over.

Bicyclists expect right-of-way and as a pedestrian, it’s often easier to cross the road than the bicycle lanes. We saw an accident the other night where a pedestrian stepped out in front of a bicyclist, who warned him with a bell, but kept coming. When the pedestrian didn’t move, the two collided.

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A light meal at Wagamama at Amsterdam Central Station before taking the train out to Middenmeer to watch a 6pm ice hockey game.
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At platform 13a in Amsterdam Central Station to take our first Sprinter train to Middenmeer. The Sprinter service is the slower of the two types of intercity train services in Netherlands, making more stops en route.
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Jaap Eden Skating Rink
The Jaap Eden skating rink, named after the famous Dutch speed skater Jaap Eden, is the largest in the Netherlands with a 1312ft (400m) lane and was pretty full at 5:30pm on a Saturday night. We were surprised to see that every person we saw was wearing speed skates and that the rink had two marked lanes running in opposite directions.
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Jaap Edenhal
Inside Jaap Edenhal, home of the Amsterdam Tigers semi-professional ice hockey team. The seats were mostly empty 25 minutes before game time, so we weren’t expecting much of a crowd. But the stands were close to two thirds full by the time the game was underway.
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WM Ice Technics
We rarely see anything other than a Zamboni cleaning an ice surface, but Jaap Edenhal has an electric WM Ice Technics machine from Italy.
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Puck Drop
Ceremonial puck drop at the start of the game with the Amsterdam Tigers lined up on the left and the visiting Belgian Bulldogs Liege on the right.
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Action near the visiting Bulldogs’ net. We hadn’t seen a live ice hockey game since attending a San Jose Sharks match a years ago and had a great time at the Tigers game.
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Tiger Goal
The Tigers scoring one of their four goals. Unfortunately for the home team, the visitors scored nine. It was a thirteen-point hockey game, so we got our money’s worth.
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At Amsterdam Science Park train station waiting for the Sprinter back to the city center.
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Saturday night is popular for canal cruises—a queue of over a hundred were waiting to board at Lovers Canal Cruises.
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Antenna Sud
Amsterdam Light Festival display Antenna Sud is modelled after the radio antennas that once filled urban landscapes before cable television and radio became prevalent.
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Harlem Soul Food
We shared a delicious jerk chicken post-game meal at tiny Harlem Soul Food on our way back to Dirona.
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