Aalborg, Denmark

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With a strategic position at the mouth of the Limfjord, Aalborg has long been an important Danish city. Settlement dates back to 700AD and it currently is Denmark’s fourth-largest city. A major industrial 20th-century industrial center, the city has done a wonderful job of revitalizing it’s waterfront and has a number of beautiful heritage buildings. It also is a center for modern architecture, being the home of Danish architect Jorn Utzon who designed of the Sydney Opera House.

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Logster Harbour

Passing Logster Harbour around 8am en route from Fur Island to Aalborg.
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Hotel du Nord

Hotel du Nord overlooking the waterway in Logster.
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A spectacular sunrise through the wind turbines.
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Aggersund Bridge

The Aggersund railway and car bridge opening for us to pass through. Most of the bridges on the Limfjord open on request, but only during daylight hours for pleasure craft.
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The survey boat Echo passing under the Aggersund Bridge behind us.
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Fruens Holm

Abandoned farmhouse on uninhabited Fruens Holm. The family lived in the upper floor because during strong winds the island could disappear under a meter of water.
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Wind Turbine Blades

Massive wind turbine blades stockpiled outside of Siemens Wind Power near Aalborg.
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Marina Fjordparken

Moored for the night at Marina Fjordparken on the outskirts of Aalborg.
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Paying for our moorage at the self-service machine in the Aalborg Sailing Club.
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Vestre Fjordpark

We walked to Aalborg along the waterfront past Vestre Fjordpark, a 165,000 m2 recreation area along the Limfjord with a 50m outdoor pool.
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Bouncing on one of the mini-trampolines at Vestre Fjordpark .
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Aalborg is full of bicycles. This scene repeated all over town.
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Jomfru Ane Gade

Jomfru Ane Gade is famous in Denmark for its continuous row of bars and restaurants and lively atmosphere, particularly on warm summer evenings.
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Sogaards Bryghus

Lunch with fine local brews at Aalborg’s brew pub, Sogaards Bryghus.
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Budolfi Domkirke

The richly detailed pulpit and organ of 12th-century Budolfi Domkirke.
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Nordjyllands Historiske Museum archaeologists excavating two graves outside Budolfi Domkirke. It appeared some construction work was being done in the area and the graves were found by accident. It’s wierd to see human remains inches below the surface right downtown.
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Old Town Hall

Aalborg’s old town hall building dates to 1762.
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Jens Bangs Stenhus

Jens Bangs house, built in the early 1600s for a wealthy merchant.
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The cobbled street Hjelmerstald dates to the Renaissance period.
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This sign on a door on Hjelmerstald lists all the owners/residents since 1787.
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Langes Gard

Whimsical sculptures and ceramics in the Langes Gard courtyard off Hjelmerstald.
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John F. Kennedy Square

Looking north across John F. Kennedy Square, dedicated to the 35th American president. We couldn’t find any relationship between JFK and Aalborg/Denmark.
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Christian IX

Statue in John F. Kennedy Square of Christian IX, King of Denmark from 1863 to 1906.
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Park of Music

More than 80 artists have planted a tree the Park of Music to commemorate their visit to Aalborg, including Sting, ZZ Top, Rod Stewart and Bryan Adams. Adjacent to some of the trees are small music boxes that play the artist’s music. Jennifer is playing a tune by Elton John.
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Ansgars Kirken

The carefully-tended Ansgars Kirken graveyard was among the most beautiful gardens we’ve ever seen.
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Aalborg Tower

Aalborg Tower, at 344ft (105m) above sea level, is the tallest structure in the area. We were hoping to take in the sweeping views from the top, especially on such a clear day. But nobody was there during their published opening hours, so we didn’t get to the top.
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Although the Aalborg Tower was closed, we still got a decent view to the city from the hill the tower stands on.
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Penny Lane

Having a cold drink at Penny Lane. The proprietors must be Beatles fans—their other establishment is called Abbey Road.
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Musikkens Hus

Aalborg’s wild-looking concert hall opened in 2014.
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Looking west along Aalborg’s beautifully revitalized waterfront. A saltwater pool is in the foreground and behind is an old icebreaker that’s been converted to a bar/restaurant.
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CW Obels Plads

Looking across CW Obels Plads. The microbrewery where we had lunch is in the brick building roughly center in the photo.
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Aalborg Monastery

The Aalborg Monastery was established in 1431 and is the country’s oldest social order.
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Irish House

Enjoying a pint at the very authentic Irish House. They had every Irish beer we could think of on tap. Jennifer has a Murphy’s and James tried, for the first time, the Guinness IPA.
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We capped of an great day in Aalborg with a wonderful meal at El Mariachi Mexican gastropub. We’re not sure if it’s the quality of the food, the excellence abmience, the attention to detail of the proprieter, but somehow the combination made it one of the best meals we’ve had in months.
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Dawn from our berth at Marina Fjordparken.
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Railway Bridge

The railway bridge at Aalborg opening for us just past 7am as we depart Aalborg.
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Passing under the closed Limfjords bridge. It only opens for pleasure craft once an hour, and not during rush hour, so we’d have had to wait about 40 minutes. The wait wasn’t that appealing, so we asked the operator the exact clearance at the current tide. He reported 9.5m (31.2ft). We used our Nikon Forestry Pro Laser Rangefinder and confirmed there was room for our just under 30-ft clearance requirement. We crept under slowly with Jennifer at the stern of the aft deck watching the clearance, and it looks like we had a foot and a half to spare.
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Utzon Center

Danish architect Jorn Utzon grew up in Aalborg and is most well-known as the designer of the Sydney Opera House. Utzon Center in Aalborg is the last building he designed before his death in 2008. This is the most famous architectural work in Aalborg, but we actually found the concert hall more striking.

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  1. Erik Dalgaard says:

    About the John F. Kennedys Plads Picture

    The site was originally called the Baneg√•rdspladsen (railway station square), it was built in connection with the “new” railway station, which was commissioned on December 8, 1990. But in memory of US President John F. Kennedy, assassinated on November 22, 1963, a united city council on December 2, 1963 renamed it the John F. Kennedy Square.

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