Tower of London

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We’d always thought the Tower of London was just that, a tower. But it’s actually a castle, with 22 towers in total, that was the royal residence for England’s medieval monarchs and also is where the Crown Jewels are currently kept. The complex is right next to St. Katharine Docks where we are moored, so one sunny morning we spent a few hours touring the complex and learning about it’s history.

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We took a one-hour Yeoman-led tour of the Tower of London on arrival. This gave us a good overview and helped us know where we wanted to spend the rest of our time at the tower.
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White Tower

The Tower of London originated with the White Tower, dating from the 11th century when William the Conquerer began building a castle here. By the 13th century, two walls and a moat had been added as fortification.
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Royal Armouries

The White Tower is home to an impressive collection of royal armour spanning 500 years. In addition to these breastplates are complete suits of armour for past monarchs and even armour for their horses.
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St. John’s Chapel

St. John’s Chapel in the White Tower dates from 1080 and is the oldest surviving part of the Tower of London complex.
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One of the Tower’s famous Ravens. According to legend, if the ravens leave the tower will fall. So they’re kept well-fed and happy.
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Crown Jewels

The Tower of London is where the Crown Jewels are kept. Pictures aren’t allowed, but the jewels were impressive, particularly the 530-carat Star of Africa diamond atop the Sovereign’s Sceptre.
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Medieval Palace

In the early 13th century a palace was built just inside the tower’s south wall that became the royal residence for England’s medieval monarchs. This is a recreation of the bedchamber of Edward I (1272-1307).
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Tower Bridge

A great view to Tower Bridge from the south wall in the Tower of London.
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Taking our first ride on “The Tube”, London’s underground train system, from Tower Hill station. The tube map on the wall above the door shows how extensive the system is.
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3D Printing

Back in the Clerkenwell district, we stopped to watch a 3D printer at The 3D Printing Store.
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We returned to Fedex in the Clerkenwell district to send another package to North America.
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Benito’s Hat

We stopped in for an excellent margharita at Benito’s Hat on our way back to St. Kathararine Docks. We loved their ceiling lights made of upturned buckest.
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Holborn Viaduct

Looking back to the Holborn Viaduct from Farringdon Street after we’d crossed it. The bridge was built in the mid-1800s and is ornately painted and decorated with statues and crests.

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