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During our stay in Belfast, Maine, Ben Ellison dropped drove up from nearby Camden to visit. Ben is the editor and owner of the Panbo marine electronics blog. If you haven’t spent time on the Panbo blog and you care about marine electronics, you really should. Ben covers most gear available, takes the time to dig deeply and get into the details, and is able to present it all in a comfortable, easy to read form.

Given what Ben does for a living, it’s not terribly surprising that he has a great background in marine electronics and communications systems. It was really fun to show him around Dirona, we enjoyed all the questions, and got some ideas for future changes on our systems.

A couple of weeks back Ben wrote up his visit with us in a Panbo post where he covers everything from NMEA 2000 licensing, the data flow for the control and monitoring systems on Dirona, all the way through to Packless Shaft Seal maintenance :-).

On MV Dirona: Deep Cruising, Deeply Shared    

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2 comments on “Panbo Visit
  1. Jacques Vuye says:

    Excellent article.
    But why did it sound all so familiar to me? ;) ;)
    Certainly enjoyed our email “conversations” while you were at sea , discussing details of screens, “running the lights” and electrical set up options.
    Can’t wait to see it up close and personal pretty soon, if you’d allow me!

    • Hey Jacques, you do know the system aboard Dirona very well and I’ve enjoyed having you “virtually” aboard while I was at the helm.

      We plan to be in Europe sometime over the next few months and, yes absolutely, it would be great to have you aboard and show you around in person. Looking forward to it.

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