Lubricating the bow roller

After frequent anchoring, the bow roller bolts eventually would begin to jam and not turn easily. The anchor then would not freely deploy when released, and this also was causing wear on the stainless cheek plates on either side of the roller. The solution is to lubricate the bolt, but doing so requires removing the roller and bolt: a hassle that also risks dropping parts into the water.

While we were in Auckland, we had Holton Marine install grease fittings on our two bow-roller bolts. They drilled a hole longitudinally through the center of the bolt, then radially to bring grease out to the friction surface, and put threads in the end to screw in a stainless steel marine grease fitting. With this solution, it’s easy to get a pump in there to lubricate the bolt. We now easily can grease the bow roller bolts without having to remove them and risk dropping parts in the water. And we’re finding that, because they take more grease, we don’t have to lubricate them as frequently. It’s so easy, we don’t mind, and so effective, we don’t have to.

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