En Route to Prince William Sound

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We are en route to Prince William Sound, returning at the end of August. Earlier this year, we did a minor refit, including installing a KVH TracPhone V7 satellite phone and internet system, and upgrading our TracVision M5 satellite TV system to a TracVision M7. Now that we have offshore connectivity, we’ll be updating our location regularly at mvdirona.com.



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5 comments on “En Route to Prince William Sound
  1. Thanks Jose. It felt kind of strange to wake up to a quiet and dead still boat this morning :-).

    We tucked into Constantine Harbor for the night. Its a great introduction to Prince William Sound — beautiful anchorage. Its nearing high slack now so we’re about to head out to enjoy and explore PWS.

    –James Hamilton

  2. Jose Sousa says:

    Congratulations James and Jennifer!!
    Just checked your location and saw you are in PWS… Maybe one day I’ll make it there too.
    M/V Carolina
    Victory Tug 41
    Anacortes, WA

  3. Roger says:


    Thanks for the feedback, I know you always do great research before you do things. Maybe one of these days we’ll make the direct run to Alaska too.


  4. I was going to go with the KVH TracPhone V3 but found that it only has a subset of the V7 rate plans. The difference in cost between a V7 and V3 is big at $15k but the rate plan costs will dominate over time and I wanted flexibility. The V7 is also a bigger dish and will work better in fringe reception conditions like edge of coverage, poor weather, very rough water conditions. I came very close to going with the V3 and depending upon usage patterns a V3 could be considerably better value.

    So far I’m impressed with the V7.


  5. Roger says:

    Hi James

    Curious why the trac 7 and not the trac 3 phone and internet? I’m looking into doing the trac 3, I already have the HD7 and had put up a dummy dome of the same size. I’m thinking of going with trac 3 and put it in the dummy dome. But I would like to hear your comments 1st. Have fun on this trip looks like it’s your 2nd none stop trip to Alaska via the Pacific ocean.

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