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For many years, we’ve been planning to buy a world-capable trawler as our next boat. Dirona is ideal for extended cruising in the Pacific Northwest while we are working, and we expected to purchase the next boat when we retired and had time for longer-range cruising, perhaps in a decade or so. The plan was that this next boat would be our final boat, built solidly enough that it would outlive us.

We’ve been interested in a Nordhavn as that boat since way back in 2001, when we first requested in information packet from PAE. We eventually realized that if this boat were going to outlive us, it made more sense to get it sooner and enjoy it for an extra ten years, rather than wait until we retired. So last year we purchased Nordhavn 5263.

The Nordhavn 52 is an enhanced 47. Standard upgrades include a 5-foot cockpit extension, a 2-foot boat deck extension, a restyled flybridge and 200 gallons additional fuel capacity. The boat molded a few weeks ago, and we expect to take delivery this winter. We’ll post more details as the project progresses.



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9 comments on “The next boat
  1. Leo Mohr says:

    Your new Nordhavn 52 adventure sounds amazing! Hopefully Jennifer’s recent injuries won’t impact on that dream too negatively and you’ll still be able to enjoy all of your cruising adventures as planned. Awaiting delivery of a new boat is just as exciting as awaiting the birth of your child, if not more exciting in some ways, and we look forward to being part of that journey as we read updates on the process over time. Congratulations James & Jennifer!!

  2. Mark Smith says:

    Got it. I just started following you again. How many years do you plan to cruise.

    • We never expected it would be this long. It’s already been 7 years and we’re still enjoying it.I don’t see a quick end on the horizon unless we run into health issues that restrict us.

    • Leo Mohr says:

      Wait a minute, I think I misunderstood! I interpreted your blurb to mean that you had in fact purchased a new Nordhavn after Dirona (Nordhavn), i.e. another 52, but that seems to be incorrect. If this is the case, please ignore my excited congratulations in the comment below. ? I do, however, wish Jennifer quick recovery from her recent injury (at least I think it was quite recent). Are you guys planning on getting another boat after Dirona N52, or is this the boat that will most likely outlive you guys (as you put it in your blurb)?

      • You’re right, that was an old posting from 10 years back that you were reading. We still have our Nordhavn 52 Dirona that we got back when that blog was written. We don’t currently have plans to buy another boat and Jennifer is also fine — the injury you read about is an old one.

  3. Mark Smith says:

    Hi Jamie, were planning to leave on our trip in 9 years. Yes, I know it’s a long time from now but we still have young kids, work, etc. We spend our time in a fast boat going from desolation to San Juans.

    One question did you ever consider the Nordhavn motorsailer? From what I read is it gives you certain advantages in rough weather and the sail is a great backup.

    Safe travels

    • When we wrote the contract for our Nordhavn 52, the 56 motorsailor didn’t yet exist so it wasn’t an option at that time. We’re slightly more comfortable with mechanical systems than we are with rigging so, for us, the 56 probably still wouldn’t be our choice were we to make the decision now. But we’ve been on 5601 and it’s a beautiful boat. All Nordhavn’s share the same attention to detail, heavy build, manage rough seas well, and they are all very comfortably equipped.

  4. Good hearing from you Etienne. The project has been in planning for a LONG time so it seems amazing that its scheduled to be complete towards the end of this year.


  5. Etienne says:

    Congratulations! That is an awesome vessel.

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