Seattle Boat Show

The Seattle Boat Show seminar schedule is now posted. We’ll be presenting some of our favorite destinations between Victoria and Bella Bella, along with and tips and techniques for improved boating safety and comfort, at 1pm on Saturday January 24th. And we’ll be signing copies of Cruising the Secret Coast, our Waggoner sister publication, at the Armchair Sailor booth from 3-5pm on Saturday the 24th and Saturday the 31st.

One area we’ll highlight is Drury Inlet, our favorite destination in the Broughtons. Part of Drury Inlet’s attraction is ruins from an entire era of coastal logging, including springboard- scarred stumps, a large, well-preserved steam donkey, 1920s logging trucks, and a logging railway. Logging roads—both old and new—extend inland to tranquil lakes and to mountain ridges with wonderful saltwater views. Throughout these woods, contemporary independent loggers meld the past with the present as they salvage cedar from century-old stumps.


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