Cummins Power Curves Available

In the previous posting, Cumins Power Curves Confidential I talked about why having Power Curves for your specific engines is a good idea and why and argue it was a mistake for Cummins to not make this data available to customers. This data is now reported to be available. Apparently the Cummins folks I spoke with at 1-800-diesels were incorrect in saying the power curves were Cummins Internal Use Only and should have released them.  They directed me to who sent this letter explaining why customers don’t need the data and that they were unable to release it due to corporate policy.  Apparently they were incorrect as well. Tony Athens and Etienne Grobler both followed up with Cummins and both were told the folks at PowerMaster and 1-800-diesels made a mistake. 

Etienne has approved me posting the letter they sent to him explaining the error: WaveMasterAtCummins.htm which offers more detail.  The good news is we can get the data we need (thanks for following up with Cummins Tony and Etienne). The bad news is there appears to e a surprisingly large number of folks in Cummins customer support willing to take a firm position with insufficient data. Nonetheless, I’m glad to see the power curves available to all. 

The updated article is at:


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