Power Curves are Cummins Confidential?

Since new, I’ve had the Cummins Performance Curves for my CPL 2205 engines but it was for a different rating.  Apparently the CPL 2205 engine was sold in a 260 HP Recreational  rating and a 225 Medium Continuous rating.  Sometime back I asked Cummins for the exact Performance Curve for my 270B (260HP Recreational) and was amazed when they said “sorry, we can’t get them to you, they are Cummins Confidential.” This is doubly weird in that 1) customers absolutely need this data to protect their engines and 2) the current generation Performance Curves are actually posted on their web site.


Their letter refusing to supply this data at: http://www.mvdirona.com/TechnicalArticles/CumminsPowerCurves.htm.  That page also gives an email address for you to send feedback to Cummins if you agree that not providing the data is bad for customer nor good for their business. Thanks,




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