Husadalen Valley

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The hike into the Husadalen Valley is considered one of the most beautiful in Norway because of the the spectacular scenery, including four major waterfalls along the way. The long-time tourist route Fossastien follows the river Kinso, with great views to 337ft (103m) Tveitafossen, 377ft (115m) Nyastolfossen pictured above, 200ft (60m) Nykkjesoyfossen and finally 800ft (246m) Sotefossen. The trail also passes a historic power station, parallels its penstock up to a dam, and crosses a suspension footbridge over the river Kinso near Sotefossen.

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At the Fossastien trailhead, an hour’s drive from Odda.
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A short walk from the trailhead brought us to right to the base of the first waterfall, 337ft (103m) Tveitafossen. The air is filled with spray from the power of the flow.
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Kinso Power Plant
The Kinso power plant was built in 1917 to harness the power of the adjacent Tveitafossen waterfall. The facility initially had two 240kW turbines, and has been upgraded to produce 3 MW.
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Climbing the steep trail beside the Kinso power plant penstock.
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Dam along the Kinso river at the top of the power plant penstock.
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Walking through the woods on the way to the next falls.
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We got a later start to the day than normal, so it was lunch time when we reached spectacular 377ft (115m) Nyastolfossen, the second waterfall of the trip. Here we found a great spot for our meal with a clear view of the falls.
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Husedalen Valley
Looking back along the river Kinso through the Husedalen Valley, with Hardangerfjord visible in the distance.
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The third waterfall, 200ft (60m) Nykkjesoyfossen, plunges down through a crevice in the cliff and lands with a crash, sending spray everywhere.
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Taking a small suspension footbridge over the river Kinso near the fourth falls.
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800ft (246m) Sotefossen, the fourth and most impressive waterfall on the trail, pours over the cliff in two parts.
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Kinso River
We walked partway back right alongside the river Kinso. This is the view from just above the top of Nykkjesoyfossen, the third falls.
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The view from the top of Nykkjesoyfossen to the Norwegian Trekking Association cabin at Nykkjesoy.
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Above Nyastolfossen
From Nykkjesoy we followed a gravel road back to the trailhead, that gave us a view above the Nyastolfossen where we had lunch earlier in the day.
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