Christiansborg Palace

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Christiansborg Palace, now the seat of the Danish Parliament, is the fifth castle built at the same location in Copenhagen. The first, built in 1167 the city’s founder Bishop Absalon, was destroyed in the 1300s. A second castle, completed later in the 14th century, was demolished to make way for Christian IV’s grandiose baroque palace in the late 1700s, the first of three to be called Christiansborg Palace. After a fire destroyed that palace in 1794, another was built in the early 1800s that too succumbed to fire in 1884. The current Christiansborg Palace was built in the early 1900s.

On our second day in Copenhagen, we returned to Christiansborg Palace to tour the grounds and various exhibits including the Royal Stables, the Court Theater, the Ruins Under Christiansborg of the previous castles, and the Royal Kitchen and Library.

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Winter Quilt
The temperature is falling, so it’s time to switch from our lightweight summer quilt to a heavier winter one. We keep the one not in use stored in large bags that can be sealed and then compressed with a vacuum, reducing the storage space they take and also keeping moisture out.
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Meyers Bageri
Picking up some delicious baked goods at Meyers Bageri near Nyhavn.
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Scheherazade, the boat behind is at Nyhavn, is a Mason. PAE, the designer of the Nordhavn brand, got their start building strong sailing vessels called Masons and the owner of Scheherazade was very familiar with the Nordhavn brand. If you ever look closely at a Mason beside a Nordhavn, you’ll immediately see the design similarities.
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Jennifer enjoying a bounce on some trampolines along the waterway in Copenhagen.
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Royal Stables
We started with the Royal Stables, completed in 1740 and the only parts of Christian IV’s original Christiansborg Palace to escape the 1794 fire. At its height, the stables housed 250 horses, used for transportation, entertainment and war.
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Horses are still kept in the Royal Stables and used for ceremonial purposes, but only 20 compared to the 250 that once were housed here. The breed are Kladrubers from the Czech Republic, known for being gentle and intelligent, and the choice for drawing royal coaches for centuries.
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Gold State Coach
Inside the stables are a collection of royal coaches from past centuries to present. The 1840 Gold State Coach is the most famous because it use used for the most special events, such as transporting the Royal Couple to the great New Year’s Reception at Christiansborg Palace.
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Court Theater
The Court Theater at Christiansborg Palace was built in 1767 above the Royal Stables and so also survived the 1794 fire. It still is a working theatre, but also houses a museum showcasing the theatre’s history. This is looking towards the stage from the box of Frederick VII’s, the king who abolished the absolute monarchy.
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Theater Model
Model of the Court Theater showing how the stage is built above the stables.
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Ruins Under Christiansborg
The current Christiansborg Palace is the fifth major castle or palace built on the site. An extensive underground exhibit beneath the palace takes visitors through the remains of those previous structures, including wells, plumbing and the original ring wall of Bishop Absalon’s 1167 fortress. The brick structure at the upper right is the remains of a tower from Absalon’s Castle and the large rocks at upper left are the foundation from the second castle.
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Royal Kitchen
The Royal Kitchen at Christiansborg Palace is equipped and furnished as it was in Christian X’s time. For the king’s Silver Jubilee in 1937, the kitchen catered to 275 guests, the largest royal banquet held for 90 years.
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Black Diamond
Another view to the Black Diamond, a dramatic modern extension to the Royal Library.
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Fountains outside the Black Diamond.
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Inside the expansive atrium of the Black Diamond extension to the Royal Library.
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Reading Room
The Old Reading Room in the original Royal Library looks like something out of a Harry Potter movie.
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Cocks’ and Cows
Delicious burgers at Cocks’ and Cows near Christiansborg Palace (Cocks’ is an abbreviation of cocktails).
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The Copenhagen evening was a little chilly, but not enough the chase these late-night diners inside, even without heaters.
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Peter & Pia Moller
Blog readers Peter & Pia Moller have been giving us great advice on the Copenhagen area and stopped by for a visit. They are planning to live aboard their yacht and were interested in our experience and advice, particularly in the winter.
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