We went cruising before we were sufficiently financially comfortable to retire because we know that unexpected medical surprises can stop things quickly and we knew we could always go back to work when we’re older. We’d seen close family and friends miss out on goals and dreams due to unexpected medical issues. Jeremy Chow, the nephew of a friend of ours, is facing one right now. Jeremy is a young Canadian father of two school-aged daughters who was recently diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia.

Leukemia can possibly be cured with a stem cell transplant, but the donor needs to have a matching genetic tissue type. Matches are often found from close relatives, but in this case none were found. The next opportunity are blood services stem cell registries, but the Canadian Blood Services Stem Cell Registry has no match for Jeremy.

You might be the match that could save a life such as Jeremy’s. In Canada, you can easily register to become a donor through US residents can register at In other countries, see


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