Bike Week

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Barely have the Daytona 500 crowds dissipated when Daytona Beach hosts the 76th annual Bike Week. The 10-day motorcycle event originated in 1937 and draws an estimated 500,000 people. From the marina we’d been hearing motorcycles pass all week, and after a morning of running errands with a rental car, we spent the rest of the day at Bike Week.

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Bike Traffic

This was pretty much the view all day on every road we drove on: dozens and dozens of motorcycles.
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If you want to buy something motorcycle-related, this is the place to be. Vendors selling everything from leather doggie vests to highly-custom bikes pack the streets. Here Jennifer is checking out a Renegade Trikes custom hardtop trike. It’s powered by an automative V8, automatic transmission and automotive rear-axle.
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Beautiful paint jobs and lots of chrome on these these choppers.
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A field of Kawasakis for sale. Harley Davidsons were the dominant bike, but pretty much every other manufacturer was represented.
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The streets were jammed with parked motorcycles. The city had put out signs down much of Beach Street restricting parking to motorcycles only.
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Custom everything on this chopper, from the paint job to the design, but still with Harley Davidson power at the core.
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We were amazed to see a few “regular” motorcycles with V8 engines. This is a Boss Hoss, the only globally-approved V8 motorcycle manufacturer.
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Motor trikes are very popular, both with single front wheel and single rear wheel designs. The stable platform and extra space likely appeal to the aging biker population.
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Ford F650

The Ford F650 is a beast. It’s about as big as you can get on a pickup chassis.
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Motor Trike

Motor Trike makes trike conversion kits for the most popular brands.
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Toy Hauler

Optimum RV had a number of toy haulers on display. We were impressed with the layout and quality of this Forest River model with a large galley, slide-out seating area, and two fold-down decks. The area behind the photo had space for two large motorcycles and converts to a deck and seating area when not in use.
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Misfit Industries

We loved the slogan for Misfit Industries: “Black Collar Goods”. They do incredible bike customizations.
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This trike is an incredible work of art, by far the top of the trikes we saw.
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Most of the heavily-customized bikes were Harley Davidson-powered, but this one sports a BMW engine.
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St Patrick’s Day

The St. Patrick’s Day celebration was in full swing at McKs Irish Tavern that evening.

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