Richards Bay

We spent our first couple of days in Richards Bay getting cleared through customs and immigration and taking care of some the other arrival overhead.

Trip highlights from October 26th and 27th follow. Note that the events covered by this blog occurred before the Brush with Disaster, but we wanted to the get the Brush with Disaster post up in a timely fashion, so it went up early.

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Customs came by this morning to clear us through. They didn’t come on board and just had us fill out some paperwork and return it to them while they waited.
Tuzi Gazi

Once we’d cleared customs, we could move to our slip in the Tuzi Gazi marina. The other marina choice in Richards Bay is Zululand Yacht Club. We chose Tuzi Gazi mainly because they could confirm a booking whereas Zululand is on a first-come, first-served basis. When travelling long distances, its important to know you’ve got a spot to land in. Immigration met us here later in the day and cleared us through, then we could swap our quarantine flag for a South African courtesy flag.
Welcome to Richards Bay!

Keith Harvey of the Richards Bay Industrial Development Zone stopped by to welcome us to the area and dropped off a huge package of useful information. Richards Bay is looking to be one of the most friendly places we’ve visited, and we’ve had a remrkable trip so far.
Boat wash

We cleaned the boat today with some local help. James is using the crane to lift himself up to clean the stack. We’ve not given the boat a complete wash since leaving Darwin and the stack was particularly sooty after all those long runs.

We took a short walk around the area later in the day. Security is very high everywhere, with electric fences or at least barbed wire protecting most houses.

Dinner at Mariners restaurant overlooking the marina to celebrate our successful crossing. Dirona‘s blue deck lights are just visible in the background near the top of the picture.

Monkeys live in and around the marina and we see them running about in the mornings. Spitfire hasn’t noticed them yet, but we’re sure he’ll be quite concerned when he does.
RIS car rental

RIS car rental picked us up at the marina and drove us to their office so we could pick out a vehicle for a few weeks.

We stopped in at the huge Boardwalk Mall to pickup a SIM card for cellular connectivity. We’ve got most of the arrival overhead out of the way now and are ready to get out and explore.
Cruisers beer

Beer at Jacks on the Bay with some other international cruisers staying at Tuzi Gazi. Clockwise starting from Jennifer’s left are Richard and Alison Brunstrom of Vulcan Spirit of Britain, Sara Osterberg Carlson and Magnus Carlson of Mahimahi of Sweden, Phil and Norma Heaton of Minnie B of Northern Ireland, and Roderick van der Meulen-Bruseker of Happy Bird of the Netherlands.

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