Circumnavigator Magazine on Nordhavn 5263

Last April, Circumnavigator magazine came aboard for a day to review the boat and its systems.  On board for the magazine were contributing editor James Kirby, photographer Stephen Cridland and John Marshall, owner of Nordhavn 55 owner Serendipity. Also with us was Larry Schildwachter of Emerald Harbor Marine, who commissioned the boat and installed our electronics, furnace and various other options. And Vessel Assist provided the chase boat that Stephen used for photos of Dirona underway.



The weather was unusually sunny and warm for April, and we had a great time out on the water taking Dirona through her paces and describing the systems we had in place. And that bright blue sky made Stephen Cridland’s impressive photos even better.

The resulting articles are now posted online:





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4 comments on “Circumnavigator Magazine on Nordhavn 5263
  1. You are absolutely right Matt. Warm and cozy it is and last night was even better watching the snow fall over the boat, the marina, and the rest of the city. The bike ride in this morning was slightly less picturesque but we’re not complaining :-).

    Thanks for the comment.

    James Hamilton

  2. Matt Baker says:


    Happened to be driving down Alaskan today and was excited to have spotted the Dirona… Looked cozy on a nice rainy and blustery day.


  3. Thanks Yair. It was a fun day and the weather couldn’t have been better.


  4. yair says:

    Hi James and Jennifer,
    Great articles – thanks for the ‘sneak peek’. The pictures of Dirona are fantastic. Congratulations on a wonderful Nordhavn – One of my faves.

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