Seattle Boat Show 2010

The 2010 Seattle Boat Show seminar schedule has been posted ( We’ll be doing two presentations this year. On Saturday January 30th at 1pm, we’ll be giving a free one-hour seminar, Waggoner’s Secret Coast, that covers some of our favorite destinations between Victoria and Bella Bella. One that we’ll cover is Alison Sound at the head of Belize Inlet (pictured above). The scenery there rivals Princess Louisa Inlet, but without the crowds. And the lush Waump Creek at the head is enjoyable to explore, particularly in a kayak. Mergansers and other waterfowl are common, the surrounding forest is healthy and diverse, and big cliffs tower above at every turn.

On Sunday January 31st at 12:30pm, we’ll be presenting a three-hour Boat Show University course, Unexplored Anchorages Along the British Columbia Coast. This course covers in detail the cruising grounds of British Columbia’s Mid-Coast Inlets, Queen Charlotte Sound and the West Coast of Vancouver Island. British Columbia’s Mid-Coast Inlets—Seymour, Belize, Smith and Rivers—have all the beauty and the dramatic scenery of Princess Louisa without the crowds. And unlike the route to Princess Louisa, the mid-coast inlets have sheltered anchorages throughout with lots to see and do. A little farther north is a maze of islands and waterways that border Queen Charlotte Sound, where the terrain is complex, the scenery is varied and impressive, and the anchorage choices are many. And closer to home for most, Vancouver Island’s west coast has some of the best cruising territory in the Pacific Northwest. The trip is easily managed in a well-equipped vessel, but relatively few boaters visit, as traveling there is more of a challenge than the sheltered Inside Passage. We’ll also provide navigation advise, and cover tips and techniques for safe and comfortable cruising. Click here to register.


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