Hong Kong

After visiting the yard in Xiamen, we stayed two nights in Hong Kong. We spent most of the time within sight of Victoria Harbour (map of area). The harbor separates Kowloon Peninsula on the north from Hong Kong on the south. The waters are constantly busy with boat traffic of all kinds, ranging from ferries, tour boats, high-speed catamarans, and cruise ships to tugs, and all manner of commercial boats.


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2 comments on “Hong Kong
  1. I completely agree. Tremendous diversity concentrated on what really is a very small place. We would love to visit Hong Kong and Singapore by boat.


  2. John Marshall says:

    Great post, James. We lived for four years in Singapore, another great, modern Asian city, and I can definitely relate to the overwhelming experience of such a place. Hong Kong, of course, is the ultimate, and such a paradox at the same time. All the ranges of human experience bundled into a few tiny islands. The highs, the lows and everything in between. Rich beyond measuring, and aggressively capitalist, but also part of a country whose ruling council are all communists. "One country, two systems." Pretty neat.

    John Marshall

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