The McMullin Group

Queen Charlotte Sound has many amazing white-sand beaches, but the best we’ve found are at the McMullin Group. The sand is deep and soft, and almost every beach has view east to the Coast Mountains.


The island group is wonderfully complex, making for interesting dinghy exploration. As we toured around, we kept finding what we thought was the best beach, only to find an even better one around the corner. And as at many of the nicer beaches in Queen Charlotte Sound, we found an elaborate kayaker camp, complete with a rope swing. From the camp, a trail led to the western side of the group, for views across the Pacific. We later took the dinghy into the outer reefs west of the islands. That was exciting—the seas were reasonably calm, but breakers crashed over the reefs all around us.


For more detail on the McMullin Group, directions and anchoring advice, see chapter twenty, Bardswell Group, in Cruising the Secret Coast.













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2 comments on “The McMullin Group
  1. Klaus says:

    Where exactly did you anchor? Planning on going there this summer. Thanks!

    • Klaus,

      We cover lots of that area in detail in our cruising guide, Cruising the Secret Coast. For the McMullin Group, we anchored north of the 36-meter islet that is east of the large 45-meter island. The anchorage is tranquil in calm conditions, but northwesterly winds
      can send big waves inside.

      Have a great trip–that area is wonderful cruising territory.


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