1 week and 30 degrees later

Last weekend we anchored off Blake Island Marine State Park.  The high temperature for Saturday was 59F. A few other boats were about, but the marina was half-empty, all the buoys on the north side were free, a handful of boats were on the west side buoys, and a few kayakers had landed on the spit at the northwest corner. We walked around the island and met only one other person.


This weekend, the high temperature was a record 89F and the island was packed. Friday night a constant stream of boats entered the marina and returned back out a few minutes later because no moorage was available. We frequently anchor off the north side of Blake Island for the fabulous city views. The north-side buoys, despite the view, are rarely taken because the anchorage is exposed to wakes from large ships travelling through the nearby vessel traffic lanes. This weekend, all the north-side buoys were taken and as soon as one boat vacated a buoy, another quickly took it’s spot. It felt like the San Juan Islands on a busy long weekend. And on the west side tents and people packed the shores, while a mass of over 30 boats filled the anchorage. We’ve never seen it so busy.


05/10/08, looking northeast towards Seattle from the spit at the northwest corner of Blake Island:



05/10/08, looking south from the spit along the west side of Blake Island:




05/10/08, the half-empty marina at Blake Island’s northeast corner:



05/18/08, looking west along the north side of Blake Island, every buoy taken:



05/18/08, looking south towards the spit and the west side of Blake Island:










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