Where are we?

On our Prince William Sound trip this summer, we started keeping a live, map-based travel log. We posted updates several times a day during the offshore run there and back, giving our location, sea conditions etc. And we made daily updates while cruising throughout Prince William Sound. Several people commented that the updates were useful, so we’ve kept them up since returning from the trip.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve combined the web and blog home pages into a single landing page, and integrated the map log into the page banner. Now when you visit the site, you’ll see a banner across the top with our current and recent locations:

The map shows our current location highlighted in red with an associated picture and text on the right. Right of the map is a list of our recent locations. Clicking on an entry in the location list, or on a place mark on the map, will pan the map to that location and update the picture and text:

The page banner map shows only the first few entries in the travel log. Clicking on either “Larger” under the map or “More…” under the location list jumps to a full-paged map showing all the recent locations:


Clicking on an entry in the location list, or a place mark on this map, will pan the map to that location and show an information window with that entry’s associated picture and text.

We will periodically post to the blog a digest of these recent locations for our RSS readers.


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