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I'm using an HTC Tornado which is a Windows Mobile 5 (Magneto) SmartPhone.  It's also sold as the T-Mobile SDA, Dopod 577W, Vodaphone V1240, Imate SP5 & SP5m, and Qtek 8300 & 8310.  The HTC Faraday is the same device without WiFi and it's sold as the Cingular 2125, i-mate SP5m, and Orange SPV C600.

Update I've recently picked up a Samsung i607 also sold as a AT&T Blackjack.  Many of the hacks, tweaks, tips & utilities below apply to any SmartPhone.  Information on Blackjack unlocking, other Samsung i607 specific tips and techniques, and landscape QVGA versions of TaskViewer and Reboot phone can be found at Samsung Blackjack & Samsung i607.

If anyone has been successful in moving the PIM contacts to a storage card, drop me a note. It's stored in \PIM.vol and if you have a large contact list, it can get big fast.  Has anyone had success moving it to the miniSD? And, if you have questions on any of this material, feel free to email me at

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