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Key Remapping

My phone is a T-mobile branded system but I don't use T-mobile as a carrier so having one of the special keys jump to the T-Mobile web site isn't really all that useful.  On this device, I have a row of four special keys where the left is T-mobile and the other three are used by Windows Media player.  I assumed that this must be configured via the registry so spent quite a while searching for which key before figuring out it was file system controlled.  In the \Windows directory you'll find a link file called "Short_AP1.lnk".  Edit this file to contain as a link "34#\Windows\iexplore.exe http://<YourChoiceOfPages> and save it.  For file system work like this, I like Total Commander:

The other special keys are controlled by "Short_AP2.lnk" through "Short_AP4.lnk"and the two other special keys "SHORT_CAMERA.lnk" and "Short_POC.lnk".

One of the problem with Pocket IE is that it takes forever to scroll down through long pages.  Here's a neat trick to implement paging that Ray Ozzie provided.  The following defines the  they keypad keys to scroll.

  • Key pad button 2 (Value name: 50) -> Page up

  • Key pad button 8 (Value name: 56) -> Page down

  • Key pad button 3 (Value name: 51) -> Page top

  • Key pad button 9 (Value name: 57) -> Page bottom

  • Key pad button 5 (Value name: 53) -> Full screen toggle

Just go to " \HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\KeyMaps" add the following five dword values:

  • "50" dword 1

  • "51" dword 3

  • "53" dword 12

  • "56" dword 2

  • "57" dowrd 4

For registry editor, I recommend PHM Registry Editor.  If you can't install it, see the unlocking section.

Last updated 2007.03.26

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