MV Dirona


Up the West Coast of Vancouver Island:

Dixie Cove, Kyuquot Sound to Bunsby Islands, Checleset Bay


Day 13: Bunsby Islands, Checleset Bay
We returned down Kyuquot Channel and stopped off at Rugged Point Marine Park, on the southern shore of the mouth.  It is completely exposed to the fierce west coast weather and is apparently very dramatic.  We anchored on the north side, which, with the northwest wind and swell, turned out to be rougher than the south side, which was dead calm.
A short trail leads from the north to the south side.  When we arrived, the rising sun had not yet lit the beach, but the offshore rocks were aglow.  It was a very tranquil.  We sat up on the rocks and had breakfast as the sun rose over the mountains behind us.
The beach was lovely.  This place must really take a pounding in the winter storms though, judging by the windswept trees.  There were also many huge logs that had been blown way up on shore.
We then went north to Kyuquot, a fishing community tucked in a very sheltered cove.  There were few people about when we arrived, and the place seems to be in decline.  This is not surprising with the decline in the fishing and lumber industries.  It is very picturesque though.
A short walk beyond the village led to a gorgeous beach with a view across the Barrier Islands to the vast Pacific.  The day was warm, sunny, and calm.
Continuing north, we passed a huge kelp bed with perhaps 50 sea otters in it.  They are extremely cute.  The otters wrap themselves up in the kelp as an anchor -- you can see it draped across their bellies.  Sea otters were hunted to extinction during the fur trade.  They were successfully reintroduced to the west coast at the Bunsby Islands just to the north, which is where we planned to anchor for the night. 
There was one sailboat already tucked into one of the coves at the Bunsby Islands, but the area was otherwise deserted.  We selected an anchorage facing south over the reefs, with a view out to Checleset Bay and the Pacific Ocean beyond.  Later that evening we were able to pick up the Coast Guard in Astoria Oregon via VHF, and could almost pick up the fishing vessel he was talking to.  That was pretty amazing given the distance, but it is a strait run from here, with nothing in the way.
The islands are wonderful dinghy territory, with numerous channels and bays to explore.




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