MV Dirona


Up the West Coast of Vancouver Island:

Bunsby Islands to Nasparti Inlet, Checleset Bay


Day 14: Nasparti Inlet, Checleset Bay
From the Bunsby Group we crossed Ououkinsh Inlet and worked our way west along the Vancouver Island shore.  The picture is looking west from islet-studded Battle Bay, with Brooks Peninsula in the distance.
The bleak O'Leary Islets are home to a seal ion colony, and we were hoping to see them.  We didn't see any sea lions, but we did see the schooner Pacific Grace, which we saw earlier in Hot Springs Cove.  It was heading north into Nasparti Inlet.   
Proceeding up Nasparti Inlet, we tried to work our way through the narrow entrance to Johnson Lagoon.  But the wind was blowing us about and the current was running swiftly, despite the minimal exchange.  Also the entrance is poorly charted, and we weren't comfortable that we'd located all the hazards.  So we anchored instead in what the Douglass' called Baidarka Cove, just to the south.
We took the dinghy into Johnson Lagoon instead.  The entrance, with high cliffs on one side, seems very tranquil when you are not trying to wrestle a 40-foot boat through it.
The lagoon was very pretty, which steep tree-lined shores and several tidal flats at creek mouths.
We found a wonderful sea cave just north of the Johnson Lagoon entrance on western shore of Nasparti Inlet.  It started out as a crevice in the cliff and then turned into a small cave at the end.  Moss grew on the sides and water dripped through at the front of the cave from the trees above.  The water astoundingly clear - we could see probably 20' down.  The wave action here was fairly gentle, but occasionally the swell would whoosh into the end and create all sort of strange gurgling sounds as it filled.  I am just barely visible at the bottom of the picture.




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