MV Dirona


Up the West Coast of Vancouver Island:

Nuchatlitz Inlet, Nootka Sound to Dixie Cove, Kyuquot Sound

Day 12: Dixie Cove, Kyuquot Sound
It was even rougher in Nutchatlitz Inlet the next day.  The winds were 15-20 knots with a gale warning for the afternoon.  We wanted to get to Kyuquot Sound and decided to give it a try.  If conditions were too difficult, then we'd turn back.  It was pretty darn rough, but not intolerable, so we kept going.  I lost my biscuits twice though.  Pictures of big waves never seem to look like much, but here you can see them colliding with offshore reefs, of which there are many en route.
After that tough run, and with a gale forecast, we wanted somewhere super-sheltered for the night.  Dixie Cove Marine Park on Hohoae Island fit the bill.  There was a fishing vessel already inside, and one leaving as we arrived, but there was plenty of room for us too.
The dinghy oar had come loose en route and had been bent in half by the waves, but we were able to reinforce it and make a workable fix.
We landed at the north end of the cove and pushed our way through the forest to the north shore.  It was pretty rough going, but the old-growth forest was really beautiful.  We were hoping to see big winds and waves on the other side, but it was pretty tame.   It was a fun hike nonetheless.
This is looking north into the anchorage, with the evening sun lighting the cliffs that protect the cove.
The boat that we saw leave returned, and two more came in.  All rafted against the original fishing vessel for one big happy raft.  They were quiet, so we enjoyed having them there.




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