High Performance Transaction Systems Workshop

 Call For Position Papers

Ninth International Workshop on

High Performance Transaction Systems (HPTS)  


Asilomar Conference Center

Pacific Grove, California

October 14-17, 2001

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 The High Performance Transaction Systems (HPTS) workshop brings together researchers, implementers, and users of transaction processing systems.  HPTS 2001 will focus on high-end transaction applications: specifically, what these applications require from TP infrastructure and the progress made over the last two years in both the research and the development communities towards these requirements.  Of particular interest to the HPTS community are submissions describing large transaction processing applications, especially those web-based, centrally hosted, or centrally managed, detailing the problems faced in design, development, deployment, and administration.  

Many multi-tier TP applications continue to be built upon handcrafted infrastructure specific to that application rather than depending upon off-the-shelf middleware and tools, making the following avenues of investigation topical for this workshop:

High-scale TP application builders still face the perennial challenges of the transaction processing community: those of performance, scalability, availability, and system manageability.  Progress across these dimensions remains a strong focus of the conference and we encourage submissions addressing these challenges.

Data analysis, data mining, and online analytical processing are increasingly playing a role in support of modern TP applications.  Such tools are still used for traditional TP system capacity planning and load prediction but, more recently, are being used directly against operational TP system data in support of targeted marketing, inventory management, dynamic pricing, and also in support of powerful, customer-visible features.  Retailers have long understood that data mining can be used to better understand their customers but, more recently, these tools are being used directly in ecommerce systems as an additional value-add service to attract customers.  For example, a customer purchasing a book or CD is told that other customers who bought that title also purchased certain others.  Position papers describing high-scale e-commerce and general TP application uses of data mining and analysis, and the problems faced by applications integrating these features, are actively sought for this year's conference.

HPTS is a biennial conference where leading application developers, researchers from the DB and TP communities, and senior members of the commercial TP and DB product development communities get together with an emphasis on sharing experiences, solutions, ideas, visions, and challenges.  The format of the HPTS 2001 will include the presentation and discussion of position papers, the presentation of full papers, and sessions showing leading applications at an architectural level, describing how they were built and describing how TP infrastructure could better support their development and management. 

Each HPTS Hparticipant must submit either a position paper or an abstract of a full paper, and may be asked to lead a discussion session.  A position paper may be a viewpoint on a controversial topic, a summary of lessons learned, or a description of experience with a large or unusual TP system. An abstract of a full paper may be a description of a new mechanism, architecture, product, application, or a work-in-progress.

Attendance is limited to about 60 participants, who will be invited on the basis of their submissions and, in an effort to keep the workshop small and interactive, only one invitation can be extended per accepted paper.  Abstracts and position papers should be five pages at most and should be sent electronically to the Program Chair, James Hamilton, in HTML, Word document, PDF of Postscript or PDF (PDF preferred over Postscript) by April 9th, 2001.

General Chair:

            Ed Cobb, BEA Systems Inc.

            Email: ed.cobb@beasys.com

            Phone: (408)570-8264

            Fax: (408)570-8942


Program Chair:

            James Hamilton, Microsoft SQL Server

            Email: JamesRH@microsoft.com

            Phone (425)703-9972

            Fax: (425)936-7329



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