James R. Hamilton

815 1st Ave, #306, Seattle WA, 98104

Home: jrh@mvdirona.com / Work: james@amazon.com



A systems software leader with a proven track record of designing, developing, and reliably delivering successful products and services.


Work Experience:

1/09 to Present: Amazon.com, Seattle Washington

         1/09 to present: Vice President and Distinguished Engineer at Amazon Web Services. Focused on infrastructure efficiency, reliability and scaling.

3/97 to 1/09: Microsoft Corporation, Redmond, Washington

         6/08 to 12/08: Datacenter Futures Architect. Focused on high-scale service efficiencies ranging from datacenter power and mechanical systems, modular datacenter implementation, server design, through to storage and networking changes in support of dynamic workload management.

         8/06 to 6/08: Architect, Windows Live Platform Services. LPS includes the Windows Live Messenger Service, Live Storage, Identity Service, Experimentation Platform, Live Mesh, and ABCH (social graph store).

        6/05 to 8/06: General Manager, Microsoft Exchange Hosted Services. A member of the Exchange Business Unit Leadership team and leader of the Hosted Services team which provides hosted email anti-virus, anti-spam, encryption, and archiving solutions for businesses. Led the Development, Test, Program Management, and Client Services teams, in addition to the Operations team responsible for the ten data centers and world-wide network.

         5/04 to 6/05: SQL Server Architect. A member of the SQL Server Business Unit Leadership team. Responsibilities include overall SQL Security architecture, current release feature design, cross-development team issues, follow-on release definition, representing SQL Server internally and externally, and advanced technology incubation projects. In this role, led the SQL Server Security and Incubation Team where recent projects include the Parallel Clusters project, SQL Server Migration Assistant, and the JDBC project.

         1/03 to 5/04: General Manager WebData Development. A member of the SQL Server Business Unit Leadership team and leader of a 200+ person development organization with responsible for XML support, data access, protocol development including TDS and SOAP and the WinFS API.

         1/02 to 1/03: SQL Server Architect. Responsible for cross-team development issues with a focus on database system Security. Led the SQL Server security push, a 3.5-month 900-engineer focused effort to produce the most secure database in the industry.

         8/98 to 1/02: SQL Server Language Processing & Execution Development Manager. Led a 60+ engineer development team responsible for the SQL compiler, shared disk cluster failover, full text search, stored procedure execution, server-side XML support, and programmability/extensibility. Delivered multiple major releases and many service packs.

         3/97 to 8/98: Windows Integrated Storage Architect. Windows NT Base Operating Systems Group. Responsible for the design and prototype development of a file and record-based storage component for Windows.


1/87 to 2/97: IBM Canada Laboratory, Toronto, Ontario

         1/92 to 1/97: Lead Architect, DB2 Client/Server Database Development. Responsible for DB2 Universal Database technical direction and leadership delivering DB2 versions for Windows NT, AIX, HP/UX, Solaris, Windows 95, OS/2, Sinix, and SCO. Helped ship seven major versions and point releases during this period working with a team of approximately 300 engineers. Drove several initiatives including client and server-side Java support, many performance benchmarks, performance development work, and data management scalability features. A frequent DB2 representative with customers, consultants, and vendors and often represented DB2 in cross-product initiatives within IBM. Received IBM Outstanding Innovation award for DB2 V1, IBM Outstanding Technical Achievement award for DB2 V2.

         10/96 to 1/97: Interim Technical Leader, IBM Centre for Advanced Studies.

         10/90 - 1/92: Development Manager, C++ Architecture and Development. Responsible for design, development, and delivery of the first IBM C++ Compiler. Led a 17-person development team with a development budget of $2.7M. Received IBM Team Achievement Award.

         8/89 - 10/90: Development Manager, AIX Ada Development. Responsible for the delivery of the SEDL (Software Engineering Design Language) product, the IBM RT Ada Language compiler, and the AIX Ada/6000 product. Led a 12-person development team with a $1.8M budget.

         6/88 - 8/89: Staff Engineer, Advanced Language Product Planning. Responsible for the Ada programming language product family design and direction. Received IBM Special Contribution Award.

         1/87 - 6/88: Associate Development Analyst, AIX Language Products. Team lead of an eleven-person engineering team responsible for quality assurance of the XL FORTRAN compiler/6000, XL C Compiler/6000, and Ada/6000 under AIX on the IBM RISC System/6000.


9/82 - 12/86: University of Victoria Computer Science Co-op Program, Victoria, B.C.

Work Term 4: IBM Canada Laboratory, Toronto, Ontario. Responsible for product test of the first release of Ada/370. Work Term 3: British Columbia Ministry of Health. Designed and developed a multi-process software system for an IBM PC/XT under UNIX under the supervision of Dr. David Parnas. Work Terms 1 & 2: National Research Council, Department of Electrical Engineering, Information Science Department. Developer on the NATAL compiler project.


1/80 - 9/82: EuroCar Alfa Romeo Ltd., Victoria, BC: Licensed motor vehicle mechanic. EuroCar specialised in the service of Lamborghini, Ferrari, Alfa Romeo, Porsche, Lotus, Maseratti and other exotic cars. Prepared and campaigned race cars ranging from Formula Atlantic to Stock cars.


5/78 - 1/80: Jim Tubman Chevrolet Oldsmobile Ltd., Ottawa, Ontario: Apprentice motor vehicle mechanic.



1/94—3/97: University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario.

Degree: Master of Math, Computer Science Major

Advisor: Dr. Jacob Slonim


9/82 - 12/86: University of Victoria, Victoria, BC.

Degree: Bachelor of Science, Computer Science with Honours.

GPA: 8.2 on a scale of 9.0 (first in class)

Awards: The BC Post-Secondary Scholarship, 1985 and 1986; The Digital Equipment Corporation of Canada Award of Merit, 1986; The MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Scholarship, 1986; The President's Scholarship, 1983, 1984, 1985, and 1986.


Issued 6/80: Class "A" Inter-provincial Motor Vehicle Mechanic License, Victoria, BC


9/77 - 5/78: Algonquin College, Ottawa, Ontario: Motor Vehicle Mechanic Diploma


Professional Awards and Honours:

1996 IBM Outstanding Innovation Award: for contribution and leadership on IBM DB2 UDB V2.

1994 Elected to the IBM Academy of Technology: peer elected membership of ~250 technical leaders across IBM.

1993 IBM Outstanding Technical Achievement Award: for contribution and leadership on IBM DB2 UDB V1.

1991 IBM Team Achievement Award: for delivery of IBM C++ Compiler.

1989 IBM Special Contribution Award: for contribution to the delivery of the IBM Ada Language system.


Other Professional Activities:

Invited speaker/papers presented: Velocity 2010 keynote; International Symposium on Computer Architecture 2009 Keynote; USENIX Technical Conference 2009 Keynote; SIGMETRIC/Performance 2009 Keynote; Self Managing Database 2009 Keynote; Conference on Innovative Database Research 2009 Invited Talk; Large Scale Distributed Systems & Middleware 2008 Keynote; International Conference on Data Engineering 2008; Large Installation Systems Administration Conference 2007; High Performance Transaction Systems 2007, 1999; Conference on Innovative Database Research 2007 and 2003; Very Large Databases 2002; International Conference on Data Engineering 2002; Microsoft Research Seminar Series 2002; Dalhousie University Distinguished Lecturer Series; Data Engineering Workshop 2000; NASD Conference Summer'99; VLDB 1999; NSF Industry/Academic 1998 Conference on Database Systems; IEEE Joint International Conference on Open Distributed Processing and Distributed Platforms 1997; IEEE 4th International Symposium on Assessment of Software Tools and Technology 1996; CASCON 1995; TRI-Ada Conference 1989 and 88.


Industry conferences Invited speaker: AWS Cloud for the Enterprise; AWS Genomics Workshop; Microsoft MIX10; Stanford Clean Slate CTO Summit 2009; Amazon Web Services Executive Symposium 2009; Google Datacenter Efficiency Summit 2009, Amazon Internal Developers Conference 2007, 2006; MIT Innovation Lab 2004, WSA Best of the PDC, Microsoft Professional Developers Conference 2003; Chief Security Officer Conference 2003; Yukon Technical Preview 2003; IDA/FBI Law Enforcement Forum 2002; SQL Server Scalability & Performance 2002; University of California at Berkeley Engineering Series; Windows DNA 2000 Readiness Conference 1999; Microsoft Back Office Design Preview 1999; IBM DB2 Users Group keynote 1997 & 1996, invited talk 1995; DB2 Technical Conference keynote 1996; SHARE 1990, 89, 88, and 87; GUIDE 1990, 89, & 88; COMMON 1990; IBM Aerospace Conference 1989; IBM Technical Users Group 1989;


Conference Program Committees: International Conference on Data Intensive Computing in the Clouds 2011 Steering Committee, ACM Symposium on Cloud Computing 2010; SIGMOD 2010 Industrial Program Committee; ISCA 2009 External Experts Review Committee; NetDB 2009 Program Committee, HotCloud 2009 Program Committee, HotPower 2009 Program Committee, HPTS 2009 General Chair; CIDR 2009 Program Committee; ICDE 2007 Industrial Program Committee; HPTS 2007 Program Committee; VLDB 2006 Industrial Program Committee; ICDE 2004 Program Committee; SIGMOD 2004 Program Committee; HPTS 2003 Program Committee; VLDB 2002 Industrial Program Chair; HPTS 2001 Program Chair; SIGMOD Industrial Program Committee 1998, 1997 and 1995; IEEE CASE Program Committee 1995; IBM Ada Language Representative to SHARE and GUIDE; 1988 IBM Software Test ITL Program Committee.


Member: IEEE since 1984; ACM since 1985; Dalhousie University GINI Scientific Board member 1999 through 2002.



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